Black Canyon to Sutton Mtn. & the Painted Hills

We heard about an easy hike about 5 miles in total up to Sutton Mountain — It’s walking on an old “Jeep trail” that is fairly flat and calm. After driving through Mitchell and stopping for some gas we were pretty quickly at the parking spot. We saw some other hikers (they were decked out with backpacks and hiking poles — from Bend) who were also planning on hiking to the top of Sutton Mountain. They weren’t exactly sure which way the trails were either and knew that it was kind of something you’d find and figure out along the way. We started off ahead of them but quickly saw there was no path really and let them take the lead so we could follow. Our Elsa decided to hurry up alongside them but once we got her back we actually lost sight of them and had no idea which way to go. We picked a mountaintop and headed in that direction, which was a lot of fun. Steep, uphill fun!






WE MADE IT! On the way down I saw a slithering snake and I didn’t look long enough to figure out what kind it was but I did let out a scream. Shortly after that Kenny saw a coiled rattlesnake which we made sure to avoid with the doggy. The grass was very tall so it was hard to see exactly what was lurking. Thankfully we made it down pretty easily and with no more snake sightings despite how brushy and steep it was!


We passed this on the way to John Day River and the Painted Hills… Snake #3. Thankfully this one was dead —


We happened to go out on such a nice day — The sun was shining with clear skies but it wasn’t too hot! Thankfully this is May and not quite summer so it was perfectly picturesque. There were definitely some tourists out, so many in contrast to where we had just hiked from which was basically deserted.




After we returned home, (think we made it back around 5 pm after stopping in Prineville for some dinner) we read again about getting to the Mt. Sutton hike. Apparently there was a gate and no markings of a parking lot so all 7 of us trying to hike Sutton were in the WRONG PLACE! We’re planning on going out again in search of this mysterious place thinking the actual hike will be a lot easier than what we did today.

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Yayoi Kusama: My Eternal Soul

The exhibit being held at The National Art Center in Roppongi goes on till May 22, 2017! We were so lucky to be there while this was still in Tokyo and had the perfect day at the museum. It cost 1600 yen which is about $14 and is soo worth it for such an extensive exhibition, and I do not mind supporting the museums that bring us these amazing shows. The first time I experienced a Yayoi Kusama installation was similar to the one pictured below, except it was in Copenhagen, Denmark at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. They had a set up in a small room which only four people were allowed to experience the Light of the Gleaming Souls at a time. This time they had a path set up so that viewers could walk through and out. Learning about Kusama’s childhood and seeing her early works was really fascinating — She strives to make art that promotes togetherness and unity which I also enjoyed from her, considering that she struggles with depression and actually lives in a mental institution. Check out my video below to see our experience!



Check out more of my pictures from the exhibit on my Instagram @nikkibrittain

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Chanel S/S 2017 Mini Flap

I have been loving the latest collections from Chanel recently. My favorite color is gold, closely followed by iridescent and then turquoise, so when I saw the new mini flap while I was in Hong Kong I could not believe it! The other bags the SA brought out were mini squares which paled in comparison to the glimmering iridescence of the one below! (There was a primary blue caviar, primary blue calfskin, pastel yellow chevron patent leather, black chevron patent, and caviar red chevron). The ones that have been catching my eye are a metallic lambskin which gives it an ultra shine that changes colors and is kind of hard to capture in one photo! I call it a mood ring mermaid bag — lol… It will match everything, right? I do usually wear neutral colors although I love crazy combinations so I think this little purse could be a great pop of color and interest to any ensemble.

My unboxing video to be uploaded soon and pics of possible outfits in an upcoming post 🙂





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New Zealand Observations

1. A lot less slang than Australia but they do still have some interesting words

  • Toasties – toasted sandwhiches
  • Mince – ground (meat)
  • Trolley/Trendle – shopping cart
  • Sallie’s – Salvation Army
  • Throaties – Cough drops
  • Scrumpy – ?
  • Plunger – French press coffee
  • Op Shop – opportunity shop (thrift shop)

2. Kiwi e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g… rare bird and country mascot

3. The most genuinely friendly people I’ve EVER met

4. Remote… mountains everywhere, cell service lacking unless in a “city”

5. Most things are overpriced because there is no other option or choice around

6. The locals don’t like the “city” but even the cities feel TINY

7. Very fresh air, not as humid as Australia for sure!

8. Sandflies are tiny gnat-like flies that leave a bite 100x itchier than a mosquito (the itch takes a LONG time to heal)




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New Zealand Videos

Day 1 — Exploring Queenstown & Te Anau

Day 2 — Milford Sound Cruise


Day 3 & 4 — Wild Penguins and Seals in Moeraki + Springfield, New Zealand


Day 5 & 6 — Jade Hunting in Hokitika, Franz Josef Glacier & GLOW WORM CAVES!!


Day 7  — Tasman Sea, Cave Hikes & Pancake Rocks Blowhole


Day 7 & 8 — Exploring Christchurch


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