#1 HI Thai Food Truck

Hooray! The first place on the list!


We happened to be near a few restaurants but decided for something casual and quick — Wailuku town was bustling, so was the food cart! It was around 11:30 and some workers were already there enjoying lunch. There wasn’t a huge menu to choose from, which I don’t actually mind at all. I was starving as was Kenny, we ordered Pad Thai and Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles) both with chicken. I noticed it was a one woman show working the food cart so it took a little while to get our food but it probably wasn’t more than 10 minutes!

When we did receive our order, I opened the container to see noodles almost overflowing — A HUGE portion for only $10 each!


Happy sight for hungry stomachs! We taste tested both but the signature dish I try at every Thai place is PAD KEE MAO. We both ate through the drunken noodles and thoroughly enjoyed it. What I appreciated was the abundance of meat, veggies and overall lightness to the dish. Sometimes you get a lot of noodles (aka the cheap stuff) and have a hard time finding your protein that you wanted. This was not the case here, while we were almost to the bottom of the bowl there was chicken everywhere. I also noticed that it wasn’t as oily as some noodles can be and didn’t leave us with a heavy feeling.


The pad thai was also good, slightly on the sweet side for my taste but with all the great qualities of the pad kee mao. TONS of meat, vegetables, toppings, and quantity is great for both dishes which were $10 each. I noticed that there was no chili powder, oil, or hot sauce at the food truck which wasn’t a problem but I would prefer to add it to this dish specifically. We had to take the rest of the pad thai home for leftovers and it was just as good a few hours later!


Overall a very good experience with a nice healthier take on traditional Thai food. I would definitely return when craving some thick noodles!