#19 Teaser

The illusive Pok Pok.

Admired from afar, driven past many a time.
Being out a bit later, Whiskey Soda Lounge was the open option.
AND this is the sister site to Pok Pok down the road… the mini me, if you will.


Mango Alexander (mango, vodka, coconut cream, lime) tasted like a tropical smoothie to me.
Was there alcohol in it? I couldn’t tell but that’s how I like it.
On the right is the Hunney (grapefruit juice, lime, Som honey drinking vinegar, tequila).
Extremely crisp and refreshing, alcohol flavor masked in complicated notes that went down smoothly.


Ike’s Vietnamese Fish Sauce Wings and Som Tam Thawt (Deep fried Papaya with fish sauce for dipping)
Honestly, I probably could’ve started and ended my whole experience with these two dishes and left very happy. I will dream about these chicken wings and crave them constantly (even the pickled vegetables on the side were good). Messy, sticky, spicy wings– every umami savory descriptor does no justice to these beauties. Serious finger lickin’ goodness.

Som Tam Thawt – melt in your mouth, shoestring papaya french fries, akin to sweet potato fries with an asian twist. The whole time I thought it was deep fried pumpkin and I was totally in awe, but this was hard not to go crazy eating. I might’ve been really hungry.


Jip Tup Toht Dii (Flank steak with MSG pounded into it!) Served with dry rub/chili sauce. When they described MSG being sledge hammered into the meat, I imagined ramen sauce packets and salt crystals coating every surface. Thankfully it wasn’t like that, (or I’d be seriously addicted), but the sauces made the meat, not vice versa.)


Holy Grail

Rice used to be a staple in my home, and while I don’t eat it often now…
I will admit I love it.

Rice in general = great
Saffron rice = yum
Coconut rice = addicting
Brown rice = it has its place
Brown/white rice = best of both worlds
Jasmine rice = floral
Mexican dirty rice = bomb
Rice-a-Roni = San Francisco treat
Sushi rice = subtle and tasty
Sticky rice = amazing
THIS Sticky gelatinous ball of rice delivered in mini woven basket = **BEST**EVER**

I want to try everything else on the menu, whether it be here or at the real Pok Pok.
Ike’s calling my name already!