It’s been awhile!

Things got quite hectic in December so my blogs’ been a bit left out as of recent.
Updates– My first solo show, “Can’t Read the Air” went swimmingly! I sold a few pieces (pictured below) and had a lot of fun talking to everyone who showed up. Trying to complete everything in time as well as working retail holiday hours really took a lot out of me so I decided to take a break from everything and visit home for a bit! I got to revert to a much slower pace of life and really think about the things that were important to me.


Also, I found this oval canvas at home that I had started to draw on. Rather than continue something I had long forgotten I decided to experiment with my calligraphy inks. I covered the whole thing and let it dry to where it was tacky. I then washed off certain parts and let it dry. The effect was perfect and I transformed it into this:



“The Wave”


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