25. Tarboush





Pureed chickpeas mixed with tahini sauce, garlic, and lemon juice and garnished with olive oil (with sautéed seasoned tender sirloin and roasted almonds)

TarBoush Signature Mezza

Two char-grilled skewers of Kabob (Kafta, Beef, Chicken)  Tabbouli – Hummus – Baba Ghannouj – Pita bread – Basmati rice with a side of red sauce (& House Salata)

Good. Nice enough service and ambiance. Overpriced. Chicken kabob might’ve been slightly overdone. Beef, yummy. Kafta, best I’ve had. Delicious when starving. Side of white garlic whip for the meat: magic sauce. Could put this on anything/everything to make realllly tasty. Although, I would rather go back to Nicholas’ Lebanese— friendlier people, bigger portions and most important: perfect RICE!

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