36. HK Cafe

HK Cafe — 3rd times a charm!
Lunchtime: Asian invasion aka grab a number and wait…
Should’ve worn the face masks, hope not to get SARS.
“Best Dim Sum in Portland”


The usual suspects.


Right to left: Pork shumai, Veggie/shrimp shumai, Ha gow (shrimp dim sum), cabbage wrapped dumpling, (“donuts” top left corner)


Spare ribs and squash. Not the best cut of meat by any means, some extra fatty bits but super savory with its black bean gravy. The squash was extra tasty from sitting in the broth.


Bao: BBQ pork (char siu). Good fun to eat. I’ll explain– the sweet stickiness on the outside of the bun, grabs onto your lips/fingers. The inside, once you get to it, is a relief of pretty standard BBQ pork mixture. Yum… also able to pick one of these up with chopsticks and take a huge bite that way. Just great textures and the sheen on the tops of the buns was mesmerizing. I’m now disturbed by the way I’m describing food…


My favorite … the thickkkkkkkkkk rice noodle wrapper on this thing = texturally everything I ever wanted. Inside, some veggies– might’ve been baby bok choy leaves with shrimp. Thick and chewy to bite into, balance of meat to outside proportions. Would get two of these plates next time.


“Sweet! Egg yolk!” said the cart lady. This passed me by once… but I was not going to leave without giving it a try. I vaguely remember Vien telling me that it was “gooooooooooooood”.


Dessert: Egg yolk steam bun with sugar crust and butter/yolk innards. Crack! The cart lady had passed once or twice and each time I stared at the sweet egg yolk bun. At first it looked like I had more than enough food (it was just the right amount)… but my curiosity could not let this one go. I spotted cart lady again but she was in the middle of a busy floor making her rounds, so I walked up with my ticket and got them. They had been sitting right above the burner, and the aroma reminded me of walking into Homemaid Bakery, and smelling fresh malasadas. The look reminded me of those breads from a Mexican Paneria with the colored hardened shell of sugar on top– I expected a custard inside, but instead there was liquid gold. Some kind of sweet butter and egg yolk magic filling. OH SO GOOD!


Seconds? Thirds? So many things left to try! I really enjoyed all of my plates, minus the “donuts” and would order all them again.

Also, the price: all of this food added up to only $22– Not bad at all for the experience, variety, and quality!



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