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38 Blocks

Walked over 38 blocks of Portland… in heels! What a fun night—-






I went to my friend’s apartment, one I had been to many a time. I got off the max at the right stop, yet still managed to walk to the wrong cross street for the trolley. A-gain. Made it to the east tower and had just enough time to take the puppy for some exercise before we went to meet up with the last of our group. Both of us walked downtown to meet up with Marisa, who just got off of work and we all trotted down 15 blocks to Saucebox. I had never been there before, but I recalled my roommates trying it out. Asian fusion I thought. And I was correct. We made it there for happy hour, where I got a SBX daiquiri (delicious and potent) and a Miyako Burger (teriyaki glazed hamburger with wasabi mayo, roasted red chiles and avocado slices on lettuce). We hung out there for awhile, as it had a great atmosphere and cheap, great tasting food. I will say, that was one of the best burgers I have ever had (and only $4 on happy hour!!). I cannot wait to take more first timers to try such deliciousness! Justin tried the Box Car (an equally good drink, quite a bit more “potent”) haha and the sweet potato spring roles with chile sauce, and the curry pad thai. Yum. I was so full after that burger!

From there we walked uphill to Whole Foods to look at cannolis (they had mini ones too, all of em with chocolate chips, didn’t try one though), then walked further up and went to PGE park to watch some of the baseball game, hiked all the way up (23 blocks) to NW 23rd to go to Papa Hayden’s. They got the sampler platter, and I got what will now be called my all time fave. Georgian Peanut Butter Mousse Torte. (see pic above!)

Thankfully we took the streetcar back which goes all the way to their place! Armani was happy to see us (and is the most amazing puppy model), and we put on some home video’s from Marisa’s traveling and living abroad Japan. I got a firsthand look at Korea, Okinawa, Tokyo, Nara, Kyoto, and all the cool things to do while there. Making senbei, feeding the deer in Nara, finding geishas in kyoto, eating takoyaki/okonomiyake/parfaits/ and more 🙂 Can’t wait to take my own trip into Japan. I am more motivated now that ever to brush up on my Japanese and kanji. WOo hoo!