9. Double Dragon

9. Double Dragon

Took a chance, aka different route home… stumbled upon some blazing string lights– assumed it was Lardo again; but alas! This was Double Dragon… that sounded familiar… like my favorite childhood NES game, Bubble Bobble.
Oh yeah.

This place is on THE LIST.

It was nice to see, even from the vantage point of the car that there was no crazy line or people waiting outside. *cough* Saburo’s *cough* (WAY to cold for that anyways!) In fact it didn’t seem busy at all, granted this was a Tuesday night but this is Portland and it was lucky.




Roasted Carrot Soup: Coconut curried carrots (Gluten free, Vegan, and Vegetarian)

This is not something that would normally appeal to me. Ever. I generally don’t like carrot soups because they are too sweet for my liking– this was different, quite a bit more savory, rich with a nuttiness from the coconut and well, nuts. The spicing was not over the top for curry, and it was hearty on its own.

Pork Belly Bahn Mi: MELTY porkfat, charred meatiness, special glaze (pickled carrot/daikon, aioli, jalepeno <-------- {happy}) Let's start from the outside in. Light, crisp french bread. Easy to bite into, flaky and soft on the inside. MELTY pork belly, fell apart like butter being squished between the bread. A bit of spice coming from the aioli... The little pickled bits and jalepenos.... just doesn't get much better than that! Szechuan Burger: Painted Hills {artsy!} Beef, 5-spice bacon, aoli, szechuan peppercorn relish, butter lettuce

I knew I was craving meat, and this instantly satisfied those notions. Soft hamburger buns, crispy charred goodness on the outside of the burger, medium rare cook on the meat, szechuan relish: dark, smokey spicy, annnnnnd apparently there was bacon in there somewhere. It was so good I didn’t actually notice.

This was impromptu, so I was armed only with my trusty iphone 4. {Apologies}. Although I do think it helped accurately portray the cozy-ness of the spot.