Downtown P-town. Cheap.
Burgers & Fries


+ Lavender soda. I couldn’t exactly tell that it was lavender but it was refreshing to have a soda that wasn’t insanely sweet.



‘MERICAAAAAAAAAA! The classic All-Way burger… fair price for what you get. The beef patty isn’t very thick, and is not incredibly tasty but there is some quality there. The bun felt a little greasy, but everything else was pretty good! The onion rings weren’t bad either– but what was even better to my surprise, the french fries! There seemed to be some seasoning there that made them a little more than shoestring fries. The portions, the portions… the size of the sides were enough for at least two people to share. Very reasonable.


Fried chicken sandwich. Also pretty good– decent chunks of meat between a buttered bun. Large enough to leave one satisfied.


Chicken wings. Pretty basic. The sauce on the meat was mostly Tobasco which was fine by me but obviously nothing special.
The chicken itself was moist and had enough flavor but I probably would just stick to ordering the burgers.


Soup du Jour >> Cheddar Beer. Mmmm. Not sure a cheese soup anywhere wouldn’t taste amazing, but this was the first one I’ve had that didn’t also include some kind of vegetable. It felt pretty devious to eat. Although that was probably because it was lethal for me and my allergies. Shucks.

All-Way Located upstairs, right past Baskin Robbins!
615 SW Broadway,
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 299-6666