Art Supplies Haul

I figure since I did just get some supplies I would show them all here– I had been on a painting binge unlike anything before, using (of all things) watercolors. I had stored these paints for yearsssssssssssssssss without really using them. Recently decided to change the routine and bust them out for a quick painting sesh. 9 paintings later I had run out of paper. This Canson 90 lb stock was on sale at Michael’s, and while I was there I could not help but pick up a few more of these cheap Craftsmart brand acrylic paints. I’ve done some abstract paintings and I don’t feel bad throwing entire bottles of these on canvas. Or even using them on my other paintings. The color payoff is nothing to scoff at.

However, the Dick Blick fuschia acrylic paint (from Utrecht/Dick Blick – Portland) I got in the ginormous size was a let down. Even with multiple layers the application is translucent at best. I will definitely be trying to find creative ways to use that thing up :/ The paint brush is a Liquitex freestyle Round “brush” #1301101. Just by looking at it I’m guessing it does some kind of crazy spatter effect (which I would’ve normally grabbed a toothbrush for). Interested to see what this really does, I’m sure there will be evidence on the carpet. After that, trip to Lowe’s was in order. I went to the paint mixing department to get some ideas of how much my metallic paints would cost me in the gallon bulk sizes. A lot steeper than I imagined, so I went with my first idea: Gold valspar spray paint. It was the last can in stock and this will work for multiple projects. Hopefully since the weather is improving there will be no more spray painting indoors >:-Q

The Fashion Sketchbook is from Nordstrom, although I know Urban Outfitters carries these too! The pre-drawn figures in different poses makes it faster to work on your designs, and if you need to scan or xerox them, the background fades leaving just your drawing. Lastly, I actually ordered the KRINK paint pen from as well! It was cool because it was in the Men’s gift section (lol) and on sale! It came with a tote and temporary tattoos (*shrug*) and I never mind weird free stuff. I’ve yet to try it, but the neon yellow looks reminiscent of my Montana Gold paint from last year. We’ll see- I may do an update on that if anyone is interested, or has feedback let me know below!