Autumn in Paris

We flew from Pisa into Paris through ORLY, which I had never been to this airport before. It was pretty tiny, but easy to find our taxi and get to our hotel. This was the latest flight I had booked, and by the time we arrived at our hotel it might’ve been around 8 pm or later. We were starving, so we dropped off our things and headed back out to get some fresh air and find some grinds. We didn’t go to far, I deemed the corner restaurant a tourist trap but the smells from within told me it was one step up. Plus they had Oreos… (I don’t even buy those in America… go figure!) Took a huge cheeseburger to go (no pics because I was too hungry), with my FRENCH fries and mayo. HAH. It really hit the spot. I love my burgers and this was some kind of American portioning which I had no problems with.

Next morning we got up fairly early, due to the recommendation of my friend Lindsey who told us to get to the catacombs before their open time so we wouldn’t be in a mile long line. Happened to be 3rd in line around 1/2 hour before the doors opened… and as time went on the line got so long I couldn’t find the end of it! The air here was cool, especially in the shade but I could tell it was going to be way more comfortable than Italy. Gone was the sticky humidity, and rain. The sun greeted us as we were about to descend into the catacombs– I have pictures on my flickr, and more to add. The low light down there made things a little fuzzy for the camera, but maybe it’s better that way, as the pictures can’t capture the feeling you get in a place like that or really do it any justice.

Below are some photos from around Paris, more of a behind the sights/scenes look at the city–





I didn’t find a macaroon better than the ones from Laduree– Here we have Coconut, Praline Sesame, Caramel Salted, Coffee and Lemon! We didn’t realize we had picked out 2/3 seasonal flavors as well (we went back for the last: Gingerbread)!