Foodie Life

Bamboo New NYE

First things first.

Make some breakfast burritos for sustenance.

Nik’s Quick recipe

1. Take some already cooked ground Turkey
2. Reheat in pan with garlic/onion and add a couple of eggs
3. Add preferred seasonings (Himalayan salt/black pepper/chili pepper)
4. Tortilla (toasting optional)
5. Add Kewpie
6. Generously dash homemade Serrano/Hawaiian Chili Pepper powder
7. Lettuce (or any other veggies you have available)

Wrap and enjoy!


Brave the crowd at Costco, use up a gift card and pick up my contacts. Then brave the mall to do some Xmas exchanging. And maybe get a Cinnabon. (I only eat the hearts…)

THEN. Fi-nal-ly. An itch to get another piercing — so why not today. It was a beautiful sunny day, (in the mid to high 30s) but still! Great day for Portland.

Black Hole Piercing & Tattoo (NE Portland location). Fun part: looking at all the jewels to put in my ear, decided on a tiny gold/diamond stud. Asked if a frontal helix would fit on my left ear, she said yes, but I decided to do a tragus which is what I initially came in for. Finally filled out the necessary paperwork, after being told it was two sided and highlighted where I needed to initial I still forgot to sign the back and a few other spots. Too excited. Britni (my piercer) asked if I needed to go over any aftercare stuff and I said no– She went ahead and marked the spot, put the clamps on and stuck the metal in. All very quick and painless process! I would definitely go back to this place, Britni was super sweet and easy going.
[Also, this was all recorded on camera however I have not reviewed the footage yet! To be uploaded on youtube soon. Possibly. lol]



Went for a walk afterwards, towards a crazy colorful building which turned out to be a Cuban restaurant (Pambiche’). Realized it was wayyyy to cold for a casual stroll and there was nothing else on that side of the street– Decided to quench my sushi craving and drove to Saburo’s. Forgot it was closed last Saturday night and not realizing it was shut down until the 4th for New Years. Oh well. This meant getting to try a new place, and as it turns out, great recommendation: Bamboo Sushi!




Ordered some things off the happy hour menu, Pork Buns and Okonomiyake. Sushi: California Sunset (California roll with spicy tuna, a garlic aioli, and tempura cruchies)***** a salmon roll and a spyder roll! That Cali Sunset… and pork buns. Next time I might just order that. It was everything, savory and crunchy, soft steamed buns and perfectly seasoned meat. Dessert was a toss up between the sea urchin creme brulee and the coconut panna cotta. I will try pretty much anything coconut so of course I got the latter one. Surprisingly strong flavors accompanying the actual panna cotta, there was a dark cherry yuzu sauce under it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Not sour or very sweet but somehow rich… very concentrated. The toile was made with some kind of granola and sesame which gave it a very savory flavor paired with the creamy. It was interesting and pretty good altogether. Next time I will have to try that creme brulee!




All in all great day. More stuff happened after this. Craving more sweets. Getting doughnuts. Fireworks. You know… Adios 2014, very much looking forward to 2015!