Okaasan is getting really good at these sunset pictures!
Also might be her way of telling me to come home for a visit!

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  1. A guy from Australia stopped to see what I was taking a pic of and then proceeded to scroll through his photos on his phone to show me a sunset pic he took the day before. We both agreed that our sunsets are beauties to enjoy.

  2. Yeah and usually the most spectacular ones I don’t even have any picture taking device to capture it.

    Not sure if you remember, maybe I was in high school but we were coming out of subway (maybe?) upcountry and there was the most insane ALL PINK sky, PINK clouds, ELECTRIC PINK and purple streaks everywhere. No camera. I said something about the sky and some weird guy made fun of me. Anyways, still mad I didn’t get a picture of that. It will live forever in my memories.

  3. And for that reason, I took my camera to work with me and got these photos. Too many times I’ve said, “I wish I had my camera!”. …not this day : D

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