Boke Bowl West

Dim Sum Time!


Hum Bao – pork jam w/ kim chee. I thought this was the best tasting thing I had put in my mouth all day, that is until…


Ribs — Black bean spare ribs. Tender juicy pieces of meat falling off bone. Asian style ribs?!?! Mmmmm!



Special: Banana leaf wrapped sticky rice and ground pork curry of sorts — A large portion definitely suitable for sharing although it was quickly gobbled up. We should be getting full but even better yet to come…


Green beans in XO sauce– I could eat these all day but I didn’t want to be too full before getting my fill of the plates I was really looking forward to:


[Fried] Chicken & waffle!


Chef collaboration special for industry night!
Salt ‘n Peppa Octopus

These last two plates really sealed the deal for me. The crispy chicken with such a dense rice “waffle” was just as enjoyable as having it with a scoop of sticky rice. I’ve always been a texture person, and the combination was better than I imagined. The waffle I can only think to describe as plush. Yes, pluuuush. Making use of all the points of interest for the taste buds: crispy/salty/soft/spicy/sweet. I wanted to order another! The octopus I had never had prepared in such a way, lightly breaded and still fried to perfection. A tad bit spicy (not actually hot for me, just being mindful that there are some chili pepper slices decorating the plates) 😉 so of course I loved it!

Boke Bowl – Westside
1200 NW 18th
Portland, OR 97229
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Saturday/Sunday from 11AM – 3PM
Mondays from 5-close