Boke Bowl

Not sure how I hadn’t heard of this place before– It really should’ve been on The List!

Even with my intense love of steamed buns I’d never imagined there would be a place devoted to just that… and noodles, and rice bowls, {love triangle}. This is my kind of place, basically a candy store AZN style– Usually the steam bun is an appetizer at Asian fusion-y type restaurants which I have to try everywhere I see it–(Star Noodle/Departures/Sok Sab Bai) this was great and overwhelming in the best way.


Pear-Ginger Margarita


Fried Chicken Bun



Pork Bun


Seasonal special ^
Tofu, avocado, corn/bean succotash, fried cilantro on top

The outside white bun was puffy and soft as is always desirable with steamed buns. I was also delighted with the meat to bread ratio, a lot of great and colorful tasty fresh fillings. The cilantro in this bun was probably the best cilantro I’ve ever had: this is saying a lot considering I really don’t care for its main usage in vietnamese and mexican cuisine. I think it overpowers everything else. I am one of those people that needs to have a little bit of everything in one bite. This delivered that experience in the most satisfying way, especially with the last set. The soft chew of the bun, then crunch on the outside of the fried chicken, heat from the sauce, with a cool cucumber on top— all great textures and flavors together. Hoping I’ll get to have more of these before they are gone!


Beef Brisket Bun


Seafood ramen bowl. Interesting. Shrimp, bamboo shoots, rice balls, green onion, baby bok choi, nori, and corn. The broth wasn’t terrible, not flavorful enough for my MSG trained tongue, and also kind of funky. I grew up eating bamboo shoots, so I know it wasn’t that. It was a pretty basic shoyu broth base with seafood, maybe fish sauce added to it.


The Pork ramen bowl was not fishy at all (thank goodness), again with the simple shoyu base and pork broth. Toppings, not bad at all, but not terribly exciting. The rice balls in the previous bowl were my favorite thing. I ended up not even drinking the broth and putting shoyu, chili, and sesame seeds on the noodles and ate it like dry mein. Delicious but I have yet to find a great ramen in Portland. Let the search continue!

PS– Also need to go back to try that PB & J bun…


1028 SE Water Ave
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 719-5698