Lunchdate with Jackie! We sat outside Starbucks and watched the hippies dancing around the cannabis rally. HAH. Portland— always entertaining.

I built this thing from the texas toast, beef burger, to the standard toppings (mustard + mayo = classic yum) (lettuce/tomato pickles [which I always pick out and eat separately]/grilled onions). $6

A few bites in and the construction of this thing fell apart. It might have been the copious amounts of condiments… evident by the mustard stains on my hands and pile of dirtied napkins but I was so hungry I couldn’t care. It was a large patty, thicker than most “fast foody” places, and not bland. $6 not wasted trying this one!

Next time, when I’m not already coming down with my dairy cold, I would love to try a sip of someone’s vanilla milkshake 😉

620 SW 9th Ave
Portland, OR 97205

Daily 8am-10pm

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