Exploration Foodie


Last night // After work // SE 12th & Hawthorne // This happened:



Perierra Creperie: Strawberry Banana Nutella Butter Rum Crepe… they got it all figured out; the proportions just right, and the crepe itself was perfect– thin, chewy, and crispy. Amazing to have one finally done right! After I’d tried one in France many years ago I had given all crepes a bad rap based off of that experience. They always sounded like a good dessert idea but I assumed if I couldn’t get a decent one over there, then it was probably nowhere to be found. Glad I was wrong about that.


Pyro Pizza: The style of these (Margherita & Pepperoni) reminded me of the Gusta Pizza I had in Italy. Ended up eating under a heat lamp, as it was a chilly drizzly kind of night. How romantic, Portland. I also took a few pieces of leftovers home and after it had cooled completely it actually tasted even better. Win win win. Although the leftovers didn’t even make it till morning… lol.



Cherry Phosphate & Marionberry handmade sodas– not sure they got the phosphate right, but both were light in flavor and not very sweet which was perfect for my tastes, especially with the pizza. I will definitely be back to try the Butterscotch and Hibiscus drinks— and grab another crepe while I’m at it!