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Waschbear the cat, rides Rainbow the horse… aka Rainbear the comic duo was a little commission and Christmas gift for a friend– always a fun challenge to recreate a living being that can easily be compared back to the picture. Fun. This cat is unbelievable and I just had the privilege of spotting the reclusive …

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After walking back from the British Museum (looking for dinner down a side street) I did a double take when I saw these oversized medicines*! It was Damien Hirst’s “Schizophrenogenesis” exhibition. “Sculptures of medicine bottles, pharmaceutical boxes, ampoules, syringes, a scalpel, and drug packaging that all play with concepts of scale – the tallest measuring …



Going through some old files on my computer and organizing ancient projects. Realized that I’ve wanted to do something with this picture for awhile… I’m thinking a Speed Raceresque rendition: recently inspired by super detailed abstracted type portraits. (Going to start one of those soon) For this: Colorful a lot of line work fine black …



{ Coming Soon To A Wall Near You! } I often ponder the accessibility of my art. How can it be recognized? Where has it been shown? Public art, whether it be signs, murals, or graffiti reach masses on the daily becoming subliminal. Graffiti in the forms of stickers seem fast. Easy, risk free… Keep …