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It’s that time again.

Not any specific date by any means, just a moment where I get sick of looking at certain pictures and I go through a destruction phase where I lose at least one painting to my ennui… and out of those, rarely- there is one that does not come back better than before. This is not a common occurrence, but once in awhile there’s that one piece I just can’t seem to finish, or even get to a place I think I can manage it. Maybe it was too controlled, too forced. Art [fashion/comedy] are all things I appreciate when they feel completely effortless. A creation that feels smooth is often one I can work on for a couple weeks straight without any long stretches of inactivity… although this time can work both ways. My usual process is pretty fast unless it is a large scale picture, which for me is anything over 3×3 ft. Some of what I consider my best work has been the result of this purging process, which no one even realizes because the original didn’t live around to make a name for itself. Or I never liked it enough to publicize it. I do usually leave traces of the original in the final version, it’s part of the conceptual statement I make as an artist, as well as the physical process I want to peek through and lastly: life views [!?] … We got here as a result of the past events, how that’s defined now is up to us.

Pieces that are the result of a real dramatic destruction:


One of the early ink pieces I attempted. I had so many colors to play with that they pretty much got away from me. I practiced blending and mixing right there on the canvas and didn’t really like the result. It was over pretty quickly one day when I realized I could either stare at the mess another day or give it another shot by simply painting over and erasing the memory. So glad I allowed myself to “throw away” this original. It set me on the path to finding my distinct style and creating everything else that wouldn’t have been possible had I been afraid of “wasting” materials.


The original of this one was done in a different state of mind: anger. Don’t remember the details but I felt like throwing paint on a canvas. The lines seem too stark and kind of frenetic/frantic. The new version is now one of my favorites. I was tired of looking at something that reminded me mainly of a not-so-nice time, so when I had the urge to burn some paint (burning… as in wasting) I threw some paint once again to this canvas and turned it into something I enjoy looking at.


Here is an [old 2009] example of a drawing that greatly improved after I painted over it– Another ink creation, messing around with trippy color combos. Only a day or two of staring at it, and I could see myself taking it further. At my first art show, a man told me that this plus a few other of my pieces scared him. I’m not exactly sure why, but they seemed to “get it” after reading the title of this piece was Pele 2. Yeah. I still hate this one.


Some pieces are SO old [2002?!] that they are not even worth the canvas they are painted on… so they get recycled and repurposed into new mini canvases! It’s a useful exercise to paint on different shapes and sizes, and even random materials. I stretched these circular canvases a long time ago and just now used 5 of them to make a little piece of name decor for my niece Monet! We’ll see what becomes of the rest…

PS– If there is a piece that you want/don’t want me to destroy, please message me or comment below

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AH. Switzerland–

Picture 2

We had a bit of a rough descent into Geneva so we were happy to finally arrive. Our hotel was pretty centrally located, to all major transportation as well as to and from the airport. Our first venture after we checked in was to go to the LES CONSERVATOIRE ET JARDIN BOTANIQUES DE LA VILLE DE GENÈVE [Conservatory & Botanical Gardens of Geneva] before it closed around 5pm. It was one of the furthest places within the city limits yet easily accessible by bus. The bus system was quite straightforward (so it seemed at first). The sun was barely peeking through the clouds, and the air was very crisp. The walk through the Gardens was immediately peaceful– There were only a few other couples walking around, and a few parents with their children near the animal enclosures. The animals weren’t super exotic, but it was still amusing. I also saw a hibiscus and it cracked me up. Besides that it was nice to not be in such a crowded city, fighting for walking room and have the ability to pace yourself to actually enjoy a sight.

After a good walk around the gardens (I think we covered a bit more than half) we headed back towards the bus stop to go into town. Along the way we passed a few different malls, and we hopped out at one pretty close to our place. From the outside it didn’t look like much, but thankfully our interpreting the bright signs was on point. A two, technically three leveled mall opened up complete with grocery store and everything. We couldn’t help but drift from side to side, hungry and eyeing all the delights. Chocolatiers, a Swiss beer shop (found my dad’s Calvinus beer), a Japanese place called Wasabi {that didn’t even have wasabi}, Creperies, candies and more etc. The grocery store by the way had some kind of new fangled technology where you grab a scanner and check yourself out basically. Haha. We didn’t use this ourselves as I had already been having trouble with my card but it was pretty neat. Also within that mall was a gourmet shop called Globus. We would find the best hummus IN THE WORLD right here, and so we’d return about 4 more times (a few locations to choose from). Prepare yourself now, the prices for food (and things in general) in Switzerland, are sky high. And I enjoyed every minute!

I was struck by a few things I noticed while utilizing the amazing (free for tourists) public transportation system in Geneva.

1. Respect: Anyone healthy and young (younger than say, 50) was expected to move for any elderly person, man or woman, no matter if at the front or back of the bus

2. Generosity: A random older man gave me his unopened box of cough drops when I was having an uncontrollable coughing fit

3. Decency: The teenagers did not seem half as obnoxious as the ones here





My Switzerland FLICKR album:

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I had this notion that it’d be “cute” to put all my childhood pets into one piece. I didn’t exactly count out how many there would be and how much space that would mean – haha. Nevermind.





Basically I think I’ll just spray paint over this whole thing. Moving on to better ideas 🙂

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Primal Op




Richard C. Elliot from Ellensberg, Washington is a Mixed Media artist who chose Sate-Lite (reflectors) as his medium of choice! I did not realize that what I had seen years prior on the Hallie Ford building was none other than Elliot’s work– then, last week a friend mentioned this really cool exhibit that I absolutely had to go check out. So glad I did.

Being a mixed media artist has always fulfilled the part of me that needs to do many different things, also collecting random bits and bobs that most people do not see a use for. It’s also made me wonder if being so diverse, whether in going from painting to collage to abstract makes my work less recognizably “mine”. However, I enjoyed how the exhibit as it seamlessly tied Elliot’s early painting/reflector pieces to his large scale Sate-lite and glitter installations to the computer generated abstract prints that he created towards the end of his life. This actually gives me hope although a short video clip of Elliot’s house gave me flashes of what my future residence could turn out like if given free reign to hoard things from thrift stores and paint away!

The second thing about this exhibit: it’s just plain fun! Being mildly obsessed with different metallic and reflective paints I was all for the inter-activeness of Primal Op. A small box posted before the main entrance directed viewers to grab the small flashlight and place it about ones forehead and continue on exploring in that manner. Each piece had it own general feeling while the added headlamp being moved about from corner to corner made the patterns within each individual jewel toned reflector shine. From a humble cheap bike reflector to a 10 ft by 10 ft piece with every square inch covered and layered in different sized reflectors I couldn’t believe how elevated the material had become. Thus, art.

On the way out of the museum gift shop I couldn’t go without buying my own souvenir, a little Sate-lite pin 🙂 Maybe this will come in handy when I get a bike one day!

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Art Supplies Haul

I figure since I did just get some supplies I would show them all here– I had been on a painting binge unlike anything before, using (of all things) watercolors. I had stored these paints for yearsssssssssssssssss without really using them. Recently decided to change the routine and bust them out for a quick painting sesh. 9 paintings later I had run out of paper. This Canson 90 lb stock was on sale at Michael’s, and while I was there I could not help but pick up a few more of these cheap Craftsmart brand acrylic paints. I’ve done some abstract paintings and I don’t feel bad throwing entire bottles of these on canvas. Or even using them on my other paintings. The color payoff is nothing to scoff at.

However, the Dick Blick fuschia acrylic paint (from Utrecht/Dick Blick – Portland) I got in the ginormous size was a let down. Even with multiple layers the application is translucent at best. I will definitely be trying to find creative ways to use that thing up :/ The paint brush is a Liquitex freestyle Round “brush” #1301101. Just by looking at it I’m guessing it does some kind of crazy spatter effect (which I would’ve normally grabbed a toothbrush for). Interested to see what this really does, I’m sure there will be evidence on the carpet. After that, trip to Lowe’s was in order. I went to the paint mixing department to get some ideas of how much my metallic paints would cost me in the gallon bulk sizes. A lot steeper than I imagined, so I went with my first idea: Gold valspar spray paint. It was the last can in stock and this will work for multiple projects. Hopefully since the weather is improving there will be no more spray painting indoors >:-Q

The Fashion Sketchbook is from Nordstrom, although I know Urban Outfitters carries these too! The pre-drawn figures in different poses makes it faster to work on your designs, and if you need to scan or xerox them, the background fades leaving just your drawing. Lastly, I actually ordered the KRINK paint pen from as well! It was cool because it was in the Men’s gift section (lol) and on sale! It came with a tote and temporary tattoos (*shrug*) and I never mind weird free stuff. I’ve yet to try it, but the neon yellow looks reminiscent of my Montana Gold paint from last year. We’ll see- I may do an update on that if anyone is interested, or has feedback let me know below!




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