Todays Work



I wrote in an earlier post that I wanted to do some abstract paintings. This isn’t quite what I had in mind, but it did capture the auto-spontaneity I was interested in. The first picture utilized some tube watercolors I had saved on paper plates back from… who knows when… college?! The second was after I was able to find my unused collection of watercolor palettes (3x more colors to choose from). Also, being one of my least favorite mediums to work with (watercolor) I wanted to avoid the colors getting muddy, probably unsuccessfully since I did use brown in the latter one, lol. Then my fave medium, ink over that. The results were pretty cool, and with nothing in mind of how it should look or turn out, I enjoyed the transformation.

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Digital Abstract Art



hulu art.

internet connection + lag + not enough ram + overheating cpu = digital rainbows…

and no, I was not watching Speed Racer! Although, this has inevitably inspired future abstract paintings which I was planning on doing anyways–

Check out these two pieces, Toast (12″x12″) and Galaxy (20″x20″) that I did last year!



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Taste a Little Samurai Warrior


Finished this yesterday, right before I had to take it to the Art Dept. so they could hang it for the show tomorrow! This is a pretty reflective piece, literally and figuratively — and black and gold is becoming my new favorite paint combo.

For those in the area, come down and check it out in person! Opening goes from 5-7:30 pm on Wednesday, but the show will be up for the whole month of April if you don’t make it in!



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Just added two new art videos to my Adventures in Art series:


I’m gonna be doing more with this channel in the future– Don’t forget to Subscribe/Like/Share! Thanks for watching~ Comment below any suggestions of what you’d be interested in seeing!

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Almost done with this massive 3 foot by 4 foot piece 🙂 If you follow on IG
you already know the color scheme —
Title: Utopia
Media: Ink/Acrylic

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