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DIY Foodie


August 14 at 10:24pm · Portland, OR · First world problems! Watching Cupcake Wars and am now craving cupcakes. Knowing I don’t have much in my kitchen, I look for a “from scratch” recipe online. Then I realize that I only have 3 cupcake liners and no cupcake tin for baking. Now searching cake in …

DIY Foodie

Acai Bowls

Greenleaf: Acai Sunrise Bowl ($8.50 // 506 Calories) Kure: Bowl of the Gods ($8 // 520 Calories) Here is the homemade healthier recipe we’ve been using! Smoothie Base 1 Ripe Banana Frozen fruit (Strawberry/Banana/Pineapple/Mango, can sub mixed Berries) Chia Seeds soaked in Apple Cider Almond/Coconut Milk Blueberry Coconut Yogurt Agave/Honey (whichever you prefer although I …



{ Coming Soon To A Wall Near You! } I often ponder the accessibility of my art. How can it be recognized? Where has it been shown? Public art, whether it be signs, murals, or graffiti reach masses on the daily becoming subliminal. Graffiti in the forms of stickers seem fast. Easy, risk free… Keep …

DIY Fashion


Last night I decided to do some late night spray painting. It’s not really what you think, although that’s a lot of fun too. I have some oldish Nike’s from who knows when that definitely had that grunge look. While I do want to stock up on some new kicks (maybe when I get to …

Art DIY Event


I am starting my own channel on YouTube– It’s something that I’ve been just thinking about for awhile. So far I’ve only uploaded a few short clips from my trip back home. In the future I hope to add different things which will eventually reveal my super secret plansssssssss!! Muahahaha. You can stay tuned by …