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Fun weekend, so much going on in Portland. Feast, Rose City Comic Con, a circus…?, Patti Labelle concert– and more things I’m sure! I had thought about getting tickets for Feast but a lot of the restaurants I enjoyed were recreating pretty similar dishes to the ones I’ve already tried. Nor did I want top …

Exploration Foodie


琵琶 Biwa– a japanese lute, apparently the instrument of choice for the goddess of music. One of the most memorable places I have eaten *twice now* — The food experience: unlikely menu items, unusual pairings, stunning presentations… Just a surprise and delight for all the senses each time I go. Also a surprise for the …

DIY Foodie


August 14 at 10:24pm · Portland, OR · First world problems! Watching Cupcake Wars and am now craving cupcakes. Knowing I don’t have much in my kitchen, I look for a “from scratch” recipe online. Then I realize that I only have 3 cupcake liners and no cupcake tin for baking. Now searching cake in …


Miss Delta

Zach’s pulled pork sandwich ^ Catfish and collard greens. Might want to specify “fully cooked” when ordering… My order: huge jambalaya, sky high cornbread and honey butter *my absolute fave when done right* and you can peek Rene’s crabcakes in the background! Right up there on the list with Screen Door. I have to say …