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…made some progress but still have some things to look forward to!

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1. Apizza Scholls
2. Bamboo Sushi
3. Beast
4. Bete-Lukas
5. Biwa
6. Broder
7. Chez Machin
8. Cocotte
9. Double Dragon
10. Egyptian Food Cart
11. Fireside
12. Fogo de Chao
13. Good Taste
14. Kachka
15. Ken’s Artisan Pizza
16. Le Happy
17. Le Pigeon
18. Little Bird
19. Lucky Strike
20. Pok Pok
21. Portland City Grill
22. Roe
23. Screen Door
24. Sok Sab Bai
25. Tanuki
26. TarBoush
27. Wong’s King
28. Yakuza
29. Yama Sushi
30. Yuzu
31. Andina
32. Ataula
33. Blue Star: Coffee Coconut Cheesecake Donut
34. Bollywood Cafe
35. Daily Cafe
36. HK Cafe (dim sum)
37. Imperial
38. Khao San
39. Lang Baan
40. Lardo
41. Luc Lac
42. Marrakesh
43. Matador
44. OSO Market
45. OX
46. Piazza Italia
47. Tabla
48. Teote
49. Toro Bravo
50. Ringside

< H O N O R A B L E M E N T I O N S >
51. Ground Kontrol (haha)
52. Bunk Sandwhiches
53. Mother’s Bistro

Really craving some Moroccan food right now… or Hawaiian *homesick*

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Urban Farmer






Complimentary rolls and tin can cornbread with sweet butter!
Duck noodle soup — duck sausage, mirepoix, cavatelli

(left) Roasted Foraged Mushrooms — crispy shallot <------ amazing... must recreate at home (right) Twice Baked Fingerling Potato Tart -- Tillamook aged cheddar, bacon, chives

Steak… and stuff…
24 oz Painted Hills — Oregon, grain-finished, bone-in
14 oz Bartels Farms — Oregon, grass fed

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Boke Bowl West

Dim Sum Time!


Hum Bao – pork jam w/ kim chee. I thought this was the best tasting thing I had put in my mouth all day, that is until…


Ribs — Black bean spare ribs. Tender juicy pieces of meat falling off bone. Asian style ribs?!?! Mmmmm!



Special: Banana leaf wrapped sticky rice and ground pork curry of sorts — A large portion definitely suitable for sharing although it was quickly gobbled up. We should be getting full but even better yet to come…


Green beans in XO sauce– I could eat these all day but I didn’t want to be too full before getting my fill of the plates I was really looking forward to:


[Fried] Chicken & waffle!


Chef collaboration special for industry night!
Salt ‘n Peppa Octopus

These last two plates really sealed the deal for me. The crispy chicken with such a dense rice “waffle” was just as enjoyable as having it with a scoop of sticky rice. I’ve always been a texture person, and the combination was better than I imagined. The waffle I can only think to describe as plush. Yes, pluuuush. Making use of all the points of interest for the taste buds: crispy/salty/soft/spicy/sweet. I wanted to order another! The octopus I had never had prepared in such a way, lightly breaded and still fried to perfection. A tad bit spicy (not actually hot for me, just being mindful that there are some chili pepper slices decorating the plates) 😉 so of course I loved it!

Boke Bowl – Westside
1200 NW 18th
Portland, OR 97229
(503) 719-5698

Saturday/Sunday from 11AM – 3PM
Mondays from 5-close

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Cravings from home– a little side dish, [snack attack] that I enjoyed while in Hawaii last January!


Aburage Taegu

2 pkgs. Aburage (total of 8 aburage), cut into thin slices
Green onions or chives, chopped
2 Cloves garlic, grated
2 Tbsp. sesame seed oil
3 Tbsp. shoyu
1 1/2 Tbsp. white vinegar
Sesame seeds, roasted and ground (mine wasn’t ground)
2 tsp. Chili pepper flakes

Mix all ingredients in a bowl. Add aburage and mix thoroughly.
Serve chilled. Mix every so often while it marinates in the fridge

Me, anxiously awaiting while Okaasan starts the process by cutting up the Aburage
or age as I call it

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6. Broder

Broder SE


Delicious aromas waft from the open windows as we wait. First next door at the Savoy, then to the wooden picnic table right outside the cafe. An hour later and we were inside the crisp white walls with cloud blue tiles lining the interior, which I am told, is very reminiscent of Scandinavian homes. Some might call the decor quaint but it was the perfect balance of modern and traditional. The seating was tight, but the service was great and the place had a very relaxed feel despite the hustle and bustle from the back of the house cooking to the front where they were mixing drinks. To hold us over until our food arrived we decided to try the Midnight Run:


St. Germain Elderberry flower, lemon-lime, orange, lignonberry juice



FORLORADE AGG >> Lost Eggs Special
Two eggs on a bed of braised beef short ribs & spinach baked under a parmesan-panko crust in an iron skillet

Everything. The presentation individually as well as the table as a whole was beautiful and fresh.
Nice and vibrant for spring, however getting back to the tastes–
Meat: savory
Greens: tender
Crust: cheesy/crunchy… perfect
I kept coming back for more even though we were sharing and I had moved on to the next skillet—


PYTT I PANNA >> Swedish Hash
Small cubed potatoes cooked with bell peppers & onions, topped with two baked eggs & pickled beets served with walnut toast

Comfort food.
The walnut toast was so good, but I was left wanting the rest of the loaf. Even the butter was better: sweeter.. creamier. I would order extras of that as I ended up eating my toast with egg on top and dipping it into the hash! Breaking both golden yolks and watching them spill over the cubed taters and then mixing it all up– just lovely.

Will definitely have to come back to try the Lefse (Danish pancakes/Norwegian crepes)!
And of course… everything else. Pastries, more drinks… more lost eggs, ahhh!

2508 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR 97202
(503) 736-3333

8am-3pm daily

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Boke Bowl

Not sure how I hadn’t heard of this place before– It really should’ve been on The List!

Even with my intense love of steamed buns I’d never imagined there would be a place devoted to just that… and noodles, and rice bowls, {love triangle}. This is my kind of place, basically a candy store AZN style– Usually the steam bun is an appetizer at Asian fusion-y type restaurants which I have to try everywhere I see it–(Star Noodle/Departures/Sok Sab Bai) this was great and overwhelming in the best way.


Pear-Ginger Margarita


Fried Chicken Bun



Pork Bun


Seasonal special ^
Tofu, avocado, corn/bean succotash, fried cilantro on top

The outside white bun was puffy and soft as is always desirable with steamed buns. I was also delighted with the meat to bread ratio, a lot of great and colorful tasty fresh fillings. The cilantro in this bun was probably the best cilantro I’ve ever had: this is saying a lot considering I really don’t care for its main usage in vietnamese and mexican cuisine. I think it overpowers everything else. I am one of those people that needs to have a little bit of everything in one bite. This delivered that experience in the most satisfying way, especially with the last set. The soft chew of the bun, then crunch on the outside of the fried chicken, heat from the sauce, with a cool cucumber on top— all great textures and flavors together. Hoping I’ll get to have more of these before they are gone!


Beef Brisket Bun


Seafood ramen bowl. Interesting. Shrimp, bamboo shoots, rice balls, green onion, baby bok choi, nori, and corn. The broth wasn’t terrible, not flavorful enough for my MSG trained tongue, and also kind of funky. I grew up eating bamboo shoots, so I know it wasn’t that. It was a pretty basic shoyu broth base with seafood, maybe fish sauce added to it.


The Pork ramen bowl was not fishy at all (thank goodness), again with the simple shoyu base and pork broth. Toppings, not bad at all, but not terribly exciting. The rice balls in the previous bowl were my favorite thing. I ended up not even drinking the broth and putting shoyu, chili, and sesame seeds on the noodles and ate it like dry mein. Delicious but I have yet to find a great ramen in Portland. Let the search continue!

PS– Also need to go back to try that PB & J bun…


1028 SE Water Ave
Portland, OR 97214
(503) 719-5698

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Downtown P-town. Cheap.
Burgers & Fries


+ Lavender soda. I couldn’t exactly tell that it was lavender but it was refreshing to have a soda that wasn’t insanely sweet.



‘MERICAAAAAAAAAA! The classic All-Way burger… fair price for what you get. The beef patty isn’t very thick, and is not incredibly tasty but there is some quality there. The bun felt a little greasy, but everything else was pretty good! The onion rings weren’t bad either– but what was even better to my surprise, the french fries! There seemed to be some seasoning there that made them a little more than shoestring fries. The portions, the portions… the size of the sides were enough for at least two people to share. Very reasonable.


Fried chicken sandwich. Also pretty good– decent chunks of meat between a buttered bun. Large enough to leave one satisfied.


Chicken wings. Pretty basic. The sauce on the meat was mostly Tobasco which was fine by me but obviously nothing special.
The chicken itself was moist and had enough flavor but I probably would just stick to ordering the burgers.


Soup du Jour >> Cheddar Beer. Mmmm. Not sure a cheese soup anywhere wouldn’t taste amazing, but this was the first one I’ve had that didn’t also include some kind of vegetable. It felt pretty devious to eat. Although that was probably because it was lethal for me and my allergies. Shucks.

All-Way Located upstairs, right past Baskin Robbins!
615 SW Broadway,
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 299-6666

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