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Bamboo New NYE

First things first. Make some breakfast burritos for sustenance. Nik’s Quick recipe 1. Take some already cooked ground Turkey 2. Reheat in pan with garlic/onion and add a couple of eggs 3. Add preferred seasonings (Himalayan salt/black pepper/chili pepper) 4. Tortilla (toasting optional) 5. Add Kewpie 6. Generously dash homemade Serrano/Hawaiian Chili Pepper powder 7. …



Even though it’s technically the first day of autumn, the weather still feels like summer in these parts! I’ve been on a smoothie kick, but not for breakfast: dessert! Berry Breeze 1/2 Lime (squeeze for juice) 1 orange (peeled) 3 heaping scoops of Strawberry Honey Greek Yogurt 1 cup Frozen mixed berries (Cherries, blackberries, blueberries) …