Kids from home





Okaasan sent some pics of the neighborhood happenings —
These little guys are always so amusing hopping about on their new legs!
This used to be the closest I would get to petting a litter of puppies…
the next best thing really. #home #hi

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Annex - Three Stooges, The_NRFPT_04

Sometimes, when my mind wanders I remember snippets of strange things that I could never come up with had I been asked what I miss most about home. Sun all the time… sure. Family, of course. Looking out the window and having an entire view of the island… seeing blue ocean and the designs of sugar cane fields. Yeah.. even balmy tradewinds. Fresh papaya… But what I really miss are those lazy days where Okaasan and I would split a bowl of saimin (tons of red pepper added), cozied on the couch watching the Three Stooges set reminiscing about our favorite episodes which would eventually play if we waited long enough. Then we’d be craving something sweet, maybe some kinako mochi. Okaasan would fry that up for us and we’d share chopsticks. After that an I Love Lucy marathon would inevitably start and we’d talk about the “olden days”. Simple life. Furs, curls and pearls. Slapstick at its finest. Comedic timing. Grew up loving these black and white shows and can’t help but get nostalgic if it happens to be on. After the sweet, we’d need something salty: chips and homemade salsa! Tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and peppers all from our garden. Haha, splitsies of course.
“Do you want a little more salsa?”
“Me too!”
Next: The Scary Door aka The Twilight Zone… don’t even get me started. After all that we might go for a walk, pick some weeds from our garden and feed the neighbors’ horse and goats. Then if we were feeling adventurous we’d go for a much longer walk up to see my dad flying his airplane and watch the sun set. Hop in the back of my dad’s truck and get a cool ride back home. The temperature starts to drop and it would get dark around 7:30. The stars always seemed so bright, living far enough away from the city allowed them to shine. Getting a lot of ideas for future projects and starting them. Hearing my dads radio going as he’s building away in his little outdoor shop. Looking out at the rest of the island, all the lights from the homes and street lamps looking like a bag of spilt jewels across the land, glimmering in the warm night. The feeling of being at home has always been this magical and I look forward to it every time I return.



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You’re gone and I’ve got to stay
Please skate safe in the fast lane
I knew you never belonged
in this day or age
no sound mind caged,
never tamed, six feet higher
joined the twenty seven club rager
the music wanderer, singing song writer
the heart troubled heart stopper
island oregon trail blazer,
society’s lab rat with knuckle tatts
Vast departed party shots
wish I had been there,
Regrets spoken so grandiosely
over there, under the stairs
asleep in your seat,
veins collapsing
dancing overtly
slamming potent treats
beat delays those shrouded days
dealing darks new creature comfort
claim bail, felonies and jail
save the stolen date for later
I couldn’t save you if I supplied
treated child of broken ties
looks like you realized
too wild from turning dimes
that you were invincibly
Still going to die
smoke letters written anonymously
smile more speechlessly alone
Stoned Mary cries somemore,
no one could stop you this time
it ain’t easy to flee back home
turned up too fast forwarded
hazy dreams of normalcy
inject explicit talent
burning with every dose
sneak up close and trust no love
wish you had known
What you deserved
visit the diversions awaiting
arresting a clinic double date
doping for ghosts of dead poets
numbing the tortured soul
Afflicted reality purchased riddles
only led to depressed nerves
tears shed stored stashed
now sleeping so peacefully
oh so briefly- just want to know
who sold you that trash
that sly wasn’t a friend
it just makes me cringe
stuck in the traps hoping
cribs of shared stings
never caught last thought
you don’t have a clue
dreams gone, green tomb
People you may know
It just wouldn’t be right, you said
eternity will never redo

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One Set






So glad my camera toting ways have rubbed off on Okaasan!
She’s been able to capture some amazing skies back home!
So proud. Just wish I was there–

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Resolve 2015

1. Cherish every day — Stay positive, focusing on at least one good thing
2. Live minimally — Be happier with less, live simply
3. Break bad habits — Let go of time wasting, no more anxious lip biting :-/
4. Spend more time with the people I care about, and tell them!

1. Canada + International (TBD!)
2. Cali –SF // maybe Disneyland (never been)
3. New York –Dough (doughnuts… yep, who wants to go with?!) // Visit MT Jewelry
4. Make it home for either Christmas or New Year’s. Both would be great 🙂
5. Live on the street — I’ve wanted to experience that situation firsthand for sometime… scavenging, panhandling, couch surfing, hitch hiking, train riding, recycling//


1. Utilize more of my creative outlets//take even more pictures
2. Be generous with my time
3. Maintain a consistent healthy lifestyle (conflicts with next one…)

1. Apizza Scholls
2. Bamboo Sushi
3. Beast
4. Bete-Lukas
5. Biwa
6. Broder
7. Chez Machin
8. Cocotte
9. Double Dragon
10. Egyptian Food Cart
11. Fireside
12. Fogo de Chao
13. Good Taste
14. Ken’s Artisan Pizza
15. Le Happy
16. Le Pigeon
17. Little Bird
18. Lucky Strike
19. Pok Pok
20. Portland City Grill
21. Roe
22. Screen Door
23. Sok Sab Bai
24. Tanuki
25. TarBoush
26. Wong’s King
27. Yakuza
28. Yama Sushi
29. Yuzu
30. …Yeah there’s least 2840157 more.

So, that’s Resolvageddon 2015 in a nutshell… Only a few weeks in, but I’d say this year is starting off pretty strong! 2014 was a lot of change (some events out of my control, some by choice) and I admittedly don’t feel like I do well with either. So much change in such a short amount of time has given me the ability to adapt faster and really figure out what I am made of. My sense of direction and hippocampus has grown, I’ve met so many wonderful people that make moving to a bigger city totally worth it, and I still find that I have things to explore. While it hasn’t been easy I look forward to future endeavors, and trying to enjoy life day by day. I don’t have any of it figured out, and that’s just great. At least I know where I’m eating tomorrow…

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Bamboo New NYE

First things first.

Make some breakfast burritos for sustenance.

Nik’s Quick recipe

1. Take some already cooked ground Turkey
2. Reheat in pan with garlic/onion and add a couple of eggs
3. Add preferred seasonings (Himalayan salt/black pepper/chili pepper)
4. Tortilla (toasting optional)
5. Add Kewpie
6. Generously dash homemade Serrano/Hawaiian Chili Pepper powder
7. Lettuce (or any other veggies you have available)

Wrap and enjoy!


Brave the crowd at Costco, use up a gift card and pick up my contacts. Then brave the mall to do some Xmas exchanging. And maybe get a Cinnabon. (I only eat the hearts…)

THEN. Fi-nal-ly. An itch to get another piercing — so why not today. It was a beautiful sunny day, (in the mid to high 30s) but still! Great day for Portland.

Black Hole Piercing & Tattoo (NE Portland location). Fun part: looking at all the jewels to put in my ear, decided on a tiny gold/diamond stud. Asked if a frontal helix would fit on my left ear, she said yes, but I decided to do a tragus which is what I initially came in for. Finally filled out the necessary paperwork, after being told it was two sided and highlighted where I needed to initial I still forgot to sign the back and a few other spots. Too excited. Britni (my piercer) asked if I needed to go over any aftercare stuff and I said no– She went ahead and marked the spot, put the clamps on and stuck the metal in. All very quick and painless process! I would definitely go back to this place, Britni was super sweet and easy going.
[Also, this was all recorded on camera however I have not reviewed the footage yet! To be uploaded on youtube soon. Possibly. lol]



Went for a walk afterwards, towards a crazy colorful building which turned out to be a Cuban restaurant (Pambiche’). Realized it was wayyyy to cold for a casual stroll and there was nothing else on that side of the street– Decided to quench my sushi craving and drove to Saburo’s. Forgot it was closed last Saturday night and not realizing it was shut down until the 4th for New Years. Oh well. This meant getting to try a new place, and as it turns out, great recommendation: Bamboo Sushi!




Ordered some things off the happy hour menu, Pork Buns and Okonomiyake. Sushi: California Sunset (California roll with spicy tuna, a garlic aioli, and tempura cruchies)***** a salmon roll and a spyder roll! That Cali Sunset… and pork buns. Next time I might just order that. It was everything, savory and crunchy, soft steamed buns and perfectly seasoned meat. Dessert was a toss up between the sea urchin creme brulee and the coconut panna cotta. I will try pretty much anything coconut so of course I got the latter one. Surprisingly strong flavors accompanying the actual panna cotta, there was a dark cherry yuzu sauce under it that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Not sour or very sweet but somehow rich… very concentrated. The toile was made with some kind of granola and sesame which gave it a very savory flavor paired with the creamy. It was interesting and pretty good altogether. Next time I will have to try that creme brulee!




All in all great day. More stuff happened after this. Craving more sweets. Getting doughnuts. Fireworks. You know… Adios 2014, very much looking forward to 2015!

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