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Hippie Towns

  A stop at the Hui, checked out the installation art by world-renowned environmental sculptor Patrick Dougherty. He utilized saplings of invasive tree species to make these large structures– encouraging collaborations between artists and environmentalists. A stop at Komoda’s, and lunch at Cafe Mambo!  (Not pictured: Butter rolls and stick donut 🙂

Art Life


  Randomly browsing my own art board on Pinterest I discovered this interesting message. To be honest it struck me as a strange spam type of response and also maybe someone’s idea of a good joke. Turns out Miss Shah from the other side of the world, (in Mumbai, India) loved my Graffiti piece so …



2012. Time to start finishing some of these pieces that I have lying around!! –Already completed 1 piece, 5 in the works :-O Yay for productivity. –Finished a book. haha. –Purchased Digital Piano (for now!) –Learning some Jazz Music, finally.. this should be interesting –Start work on gallery wrapped canvas (woo no more framing) Now …


Recent Events

Yesterday– Busy at work. Happy hour lunch. Sushi next to a Roloff! Haha. Photoshoot. Guitar Hero. TB amazing drumming. Taco Bell run! Today– No work. 4 hrs sleep. Kunikuniya shopping. “Comic book” Shop (actually a game shop full of little models that people paint), Baker & Spice (yummy focaccia and flatbread + Rhubarb pastry), Starbucks, …