Checking in – Seward, Alaska






It was our last day and we drove pretty far south to get here. What I saw was breathtaking, so much of it reminded me of Norway. Clean crisp air, turquoise blue waters with snowcaps on the mountains and lots of sailing boats resting in the harbor. We had spotted a seal while we were talking to some fisherman and then saw a bunch of jellyfish nearby! I could’ve sat on the dock watching them all day (I’ve never seen them in the wild before… just aquariums!) I had my fleece headband/ear covers on because the air was quite cool and my ears always get an ache from cold air! I will say that things in Alaska are expensive in general, and the restaurants in Seward were no exception! Have some snacks and things packed for the road trip and enjoy a picnic looking out at the ocean. It is a beautiful view!