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Chicago Eats

It was Sunday evening and we were about to be starving. No one mentioned that maps don’t work so well in this city from all the big tall buildings jumbling up the directions. After awhile of wandering we found a really happening place. Did we choose one of the best restaurants in town. Yes. We grabbed seats at the bar to get immediate service — Ordering from the goat, pig, and cheese sections on the menu. The tastiest portion of the night – these pierogies (I could’ve eaten so many more!) They had a sweet corn-tomato chimichurri and scallion sour cream which I will dream of… Second picture is the wood oven roasted pig face – creamy from the sunny side egg, sticky sweet tangy pork and crispy from the potato stix. Lastly, our goat 🐐 empanadas which were very tender, had a roasted poblano cream and queso fresco — also needed like ten of these lol! Every dish was 👌 If it’s busy and you don’t want to wait an hour just grab a seat at the bar like we did. Service was friendly and fast considering how crazy it was!

Girl and the Goat
809 W Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60607





Bombo Bar
832 W Randolph St.
Chicago, IL 60607

This happened to be in the same neighborhood as Girl and the Goat and many other great restaurants so we decided to walk around nearby. I soon saw a decent line and knew I had found the right place. The months, weeks, and days before coming to Chicago I’d done a lot of research on different foodie places so while I knew Bombo was on my list at some point I couldn’t remember what for. I had to get the vanilla custard Bomboloni (Italian style donut with no hole) while Vien chose pistacio gelato with a baby bomboloni on top! While in line I heard the couple behind me mention malasadas. I couldn’t help but turn around and start a conversation with them which really helped pass time while waiting in line – haha. When I got my bomboloni it was equipped with a squeeze bottle to insert the vanilla custard myself. It was fun but really messy, even better was that it tasted so much like a cream filled MALASADA! I was in heaven. Vien enjoyed her gelato but in the warm summer night it was melting faster than she could consume it! With her first bite of the baby bomboloni she said “This is GOOOOD!” and I couldn’t agree more.



Three Dots and a Dash

I’m not sure what got into me, but I had heard about a few tiki theme bars in Chicago and decided I had to find one. There was this one pretty close to our hotel so we went on an evening jaunt to find it. Once again as our maps told us we were nearby we couldn’t possibly see any signs or markers to lead us to believe there was a bar anywhere. I asked some waiter from another restaurant and he directed me to go down the street into the alleyway. OKAY… As soon as we turned the corner there were two blue tiki torches and a bouncer(?) outside of an unmarked door. I asked him if this was a club or bar and he replied, its a cocktail lounge. Sweet. We got in and were greeted by what reminded me of the catacombs of Paris (see photo below). It was an insanely awesome entryway. Walked down a small flight of stairs to another door. A guy on the other side opened it as my hand was almost on the knob, “Welcome to the luau” he said in a sing song way that made me believe he worked there. Nope, just a happy customer leaving (maybe he was already drunK?). A wave of things hit me as we walked in. The smells of fresh florals, really retro almost Jetson’s like jazzy tropical music, waitresses wearing aloha print. I didn’t mind it at all. The lounge itself was dimly lit, orchids decorating the corners and bamboo lining the walls. The menu was really creative, each drink coming in a crazy mug, tiki totems, urchin shells, or conch shells! I ordered the Aloha Felica, a typical choice I would get (Coconut milk, rum, lime) while Vien got a passionfruit drink. I guess the reviews weren’t joking when they said the drinks were strong. Lol. They used a skull symbol to represent the strength of the drinks (mine had no skulls) but I would’ve rated it differently considering. I loved that they put fresh pineapple and coconut to garnish my drink as well as an orchid and a tall green leaf which made it look like a floral arrangement!



Heaven on 7th
111 N Wabash Ave.
Chicago, IL 60602

As we were walking in the direction of the restaurant our maps told us we were really close, and we realized that it was inside of a nondescript office looking building. It was on the 7th floor – Hence the name, duh. I was excited to eat here because it was Creole food, and something a bit different. When we walked in I was immediately in awe of the hot sauce covered walls. There were special little shelves constructed to house an epic hot sauce collection. I found out from talking to the owner, that he started it 30 years ago knowing he could beat the Guinness World Record holder who had 400 for largest hot sauce collection! On each dining table was a large selection. If you’ve known me even a short while, you probably know that I AM OBSESSED with spicy food, the hotter the better. No basic tobasco or sriracha here. In fact they had a Tobasco Sriracha on the table that I didn’t even know existed! I tried every sauce on the table but kept returning to that one. Seems basic, I know — but it was really tasty. The others had heat but a more one note vinegar flavor which isn’t my thing unless its on scrambled eggs! We ordered the Louisiana crab cakes and jambalaya which each came with a side of gumbo. We also ordered a Jalepeno cheddar corn biscuit which was HUGE and delicious. Everything was very good, I especially enjoyed the gumbo! The portions were great and we couldn’t finish everything so we had leftovers.









we walked into a convience store for something compeltely unrelated but we found these awesome salad vending machines! I thought it was a really new idea — fast and provided everything needed for a salad on the go!