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Cinque Terre

Just north of Pisa, about an hour train ride away are the 5 coastal cities known as Cinque Terre. We stopped at the most southern point, Riomaggiore– The day we set out, our only free day for this trek we found out was supposed to have the worst weather of the entire week. After we were already at the train station we heard that the buses which go between the 5 cities weren’t going to be running that day due to the possible landslides that occur with lots of rainfall (it apparently happened pretty badly many years ago). Hence not going all the way north and working our way down! Our train was a bit delayed as well, but we still made it! Thankfully by the time we actually got to Riomaggiore the weather cleared up and allowed us a wonderful hike around town.

The town itself, I had never taken the time to really imagine, was steep. Many stairs and 45 degree angles gave my legs a good workout. After much hiking up we realized we were deep within the town and not able to really view the famous collection of houses because we were in the middle of said homes. The nice part was the peacefulness of the place, quiet corners and wind whistling through the alleyways. It was an off time, during the off season. The weather probably discouraged many, and the lack of tourist droves gave us lots of time and space to walk whichever way we pleased. The town itself seemed barely inhabited at this time. We started heading down a path leading to the right where we discovered a church and some cliffside ocean viewing. From there we could see the marina (where we knew would get even better viewpoints) so we wandered our way down and to the left to get to the other side of Riomaggiore.

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