Featured artist wanted

Despite the ever growing shadiness that is CraigsList, I decided to check out my city. Perusing this past week, I see craft fairs, gallery openings, painting classes, and a bevy of other strange things people think are important forms of expression. Some are disturbing, clearly student work trying to pass off as virtuosos and many ranting over RACC. There are also lots of links to online communities for local artists and abroad to create profiles, a myspace for artists basically– no thank you.

One entry, (only a couple lines long) caught my atttention.

There are opportunities in different genres for artists to get phenomenal exposure on an international level. There are possibilities for the right artist to showcase their work at the largest art exhibitions in the country as well as gallery shows. I market work in front of companies who buy artwork for a living. If interested in finding our more about the possibilities I have, contact me expressing your interest and a link where I may be able to view your work.

Hmmm. While this didn’t sound like much, it really stood out from the rest. It was 1. direct 2. free of spelling/grammatical errors and 3. honest (sounding).

What the heck? I’ll deal. So I sent a short but sweet email to this guy, with a link to my online portfolio. This is what transpired:

He liked my art, said he wasn’t sure if he could help me, but that he would “talk to his superiors”… He also asked me how long I had been doing digital art. Still not trusting this dude, I responded enthusiastically, (as I do with all potential) saying that any direction would be much appreciated. He responded in a timely manner (a first for craigslist!) with his phone number and a well wishing.

Good deal. Now what are the chances I can use this name or number to figure this out before I call? I Googled the number and it led me to this: . Hmm. I am planning on calling after the holiday hussle and bussle is over, but I am not crossing my fingers.