Finland Observations

1. Ladders on all of the homes, coming out of every window but only going halfway to the ground. These are fire escapes. The ladders going to the roof are for winter when maintenance people need to get up there to clear the snow off!

2. Amazing berries. Cherries are extra good here, but they also have a lot of blueberry flavored items, juice/yogurt/ice cream that are exciting because I don’t see enough done with that fruit in the States.

3. Books are really expensive. Not sure why.

4. Much bigger markets than Norway and Denmark. Lots of different milk options and spices. Yay!

5. ALL families have a trampoline in the yard for kids. No understatement here.

6. Reindeer and bear ? meat is sold for consumption.

7. Most people here speak about 4 languages. They learn Finnish, Swedish, and English, and can choose and elective language usually German, French or Russian.

8. Finland apparently has the more lakes than any other country (188,000) and I have yet to see one.

9. Not much cereal to choose from, but the ones they do have are really good! I’ve already found many favorites–

10. Lots of dog walking. More than I’ve ever noticed anywhere else in the world. Not many have a yard, but everyone has dogs. Mix breeding isn’t allowed in Finland, but one can go to any of the neighboring countries and bring one back!

11. The wild animals here in Helsinki include gigantic hares and hedgehogs. Up North there are reindeer and bears.