First Michelin ★ Experience [HK]

Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong

It was our last day in Hong Kong and we hadn’t gotten enough of their amazing dim sum. We figured we’d have just enough time to walk there, get in, eat, walk back and make it to the airport in time to catch our flight to Vietnam. By the time we walked there, it was about 10 minutes to opening time and there was already quite a line. Typical.

They passed out some menus so we could mark off what we wanted.


It was no problem, as soon as the garage gates started rolling up the people ran in and filled up the empty seats. We grabbed a tiny table without thinking, thankfully securing our place. I noticed tea cups and bowls preset on the table and everyone was using their hot tea to clean these with their napkins. I did the same, except knocking over my cup and spilling tons of hot tea all over the table and myself!


We handed them our menu only to have them return and hand us a green menu, saying the blue one was outdated or something. Lol. So once again we mark off what we want. Not too much later the food quickly starts pouring out of the kitchen. We ordered the Baked bun with BBQ pork, pan fried coconut custard cake, steamed pork dumplings with shrimp, vermicelli roll stuffed with pork, and steamed rice with beef and pan fried egg!







This last dish was the coolest thing I ate. I can’t figure it out and I do not know how they did it. It wasn’t simple cuts of meat, rather ground or pounded meat that was slightly breaded with a heavenly soft texture and really good sauce over the whole thing.

The baked bun with BBQ pork was unlike any I’d had before. The outside bun was almost like a candy shell, sugared on top with savory pork. It was a nice change from all the BBQ steam buns I’ve had in my life. Pan fried coconut custard cake came out in the middle of our dining, but I didn’t mind the sweet break. It was super moist and smelled wonderful — of course I love anything coconut… The vermicelli roll stuffed with pork is something I’ve enjoyed in America but done a little differently. The vermicelli here is super gelatinous! I love that texture though and the umami of shoyu and green onion with pork… Mmmmm!


We were about done and ready to pay so we could get off to the airport. I was going to pay with my card when I realized that they probably only accepted cash. Kenny had some cash but was just a couple dollars short… WHOOPS. He ran out to find an atm which actually turned into quite an ordeal. I stood by the register for awhile waiting… About 15 minutes until they suggested that I take a seat at a table, dining with an old lady who was eating alone. Haha. I couldn’t help but laugh at the situation, especially when she started cleaning her bowl with tea and knocked it over spilling it everywhere just as I did! LOL.


I was thinking about how far Kenny might have to go to find an ATM. The area of this restaurant wasn’t exactly an urban spot, and he actually had to run over a mile back towards our place to find a place to take out some cash. I almost threw all the money I had and ditched the place in fear of not making our flight but just when I was about to get desperate I saw Kenny return 🙂


Not bad. $14 for a legit Michelin star meal. Amazing really.