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Florence // Italy pt 3


Leaving Pisa entirely behind, we rode east to the bigger city of Florence.

As someone who is accustomed to exploring on foot, it was neat to discover firsthand that this city is really accessible from one end to the other in about half an hour. Add in a bit more time if you want to explore the northern end which has more of an incline. After a bit of wandering (aka sightseeing) we found our hotel and we were relieved.

Our first experience in the “art hotel” was interesting. The elevator was a quarter the size of one in the US (big enough for two people), and was constantly being used because the amount of stairs just to get to the front desk was about 3 flights up. Add in the floor you were actually staying on, plus luggage and it was daunting. Funky pastel walls and works of art were hung up all over the place, and in the rooms themselves. The one in our room reminded me of a bird with a large bill… that turned out to be an artistic rendering of Pinnochio. Because lest I ever forget, this is where Pinnochio was born/created.

The weather was comfortable, but a bit humid at times due to the off and on drizzles. No matter! I bought a blue umbrella which was broken before I even opened it. But it did the trick, and even gave me the typical windblown bumbershoot look. *Tip: Bring an umbrella if traveling in Fall* The only reason I hadn’t done this was because mine was still packed up in a box somewhere in my new apartment. Yeah– it sounds obvious, but I was traveling very light, just one carryon bag and my purse which meant being verrrrrrrry economical with what I chose to bring. I will definitely be writing another post sharing what I learned, what I would do again or leave behind 😛

As always, here are some more pictures… the rest of the collection will be on Flickr. Linked below!