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Fresh. Pasta. Fast.


Desert Cruiser x4
Green chartreuse, Limonata


Mezza Rigatoni
Sunday pork ragu
Simple. Home-y. Delicious. Fun to eat the large rigatoni noodles! Probably #1 favorite. Maybe I’m sentimental, it was the first dish I tried–

Squid Ink Bucatini
Calamari, green chorizo smoked tomato, oregano
One of my favorites. Black pasta, some marinara, tender baby squids–


Merguez sausage, roasted cauliflower, tzatziki percorino, cornbread crumbs
Yum. Cauliflower, my favorite veggie. Sausage… cornbread! Yes.


Salt roasted beets, blue ricotta, toasted pinenuts, grilled endive
Another [seasonal] favorite. {Notice at this point I’m calling everything a “fave” Uh oh.} Shockingly vibrant red pasta, creamy ricotta melting around, reminded me of an elavated mac & cheese! Endive, pretty bitter– even for me.


Spaghetti Aglio e olio
Breadcrumbs, parsley, garlic butter, parmesan
Simple. Satisfying. Crunchy/salty/cheesy. Always a winning combination.


Panna Cotta
Rich caramel flavor, smooth and topped with some whip cream and nuts
Passed by many a time, and only half glanced at. Sitting in the refrigerated section to your right, just before your order is taken: it looked as though maybe dessert was an afterthought. Not true– surprisingly more complex that I thought it could be. It’s rough when everything tastes so good…


Chef Jenn Louis (of Lincoln/Top Chef) tookover Grassa [Handcrafted Pasta] to promote her new cookbook Pasta By Hand. It was a delicious collaboration and I am considering this pasta making a new “kitchen adventures/nightmares” challenge. To be determined…



Spinach spatzel, topped with the thinnest, crispiest, MOST delicate piece of bacon, and pea shoots. Using a fork just didn’t seem convenient, needed a spoon [shovel] to get all of these roly-poly bits without losing any!


Best thing I put in my mouth. Ricotta Gnochetti, ramp pesto and morel mushrooms. I’ve always been a fan of gnocchi but they’ve never been this soft, melted in the mouth, or been SO creamy– These were luscious pillows of pasta perfection. Paired with the bright pesto, each bite had me wanting to lick my utensils… and maybe I did… then moved onto scraping the bowl when all the little pillows were gone. The morels were more than enough to leave me satisfied without actually having to add any meat to the dish. My only wish was that this could be a permanent addition to the Grassa menu! One can dream (or just buy the book), although I’m 100% expecting a “NAILED IT” post in the near future.

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