Guatemala Sky Bar

Guatemala Remake

After two weeks in Cuba we had planned to fly back to Mexico for one night and head south to Guatemala. On our very first night back in Cancun (which happened to be Valentine’s Day) we decided to celebrate (being back in a land of greater civilization) aka good FOOD. We had a typical Mexican feast (taquitos, nachos, margaritas, THE WORKS) and a lot of fun afterwards walking around town at the nearby festival because apparently they go ALL OUT for V-day!

We made it home and Kenny was already not feeling well. Long story short we both ended up very sick with some kind of stomach bug (probably from Cuba?) and were stuck in Cancun for a week longer than expected. After such an intense bout of sickness we found ourselves very distrusting of all food, especially produce or anything that could be contaminated from water or spoiled from being out too long.

When we finally did make it to Guatemala (a few sketchy border crossings later) we were overjoyed to be able to eat vegetables safely. Haha. Imagine being so happy to eat broccoli again — It was truly a moment of appreciation. The first picture is our delicious kabobs from the Sky Bar in Flores, Guatemala – second is our home BBQ version made a summer later. Eating vegetables like this feels more hearty and comforting than a cold salad, also having chicken on their as protein helps immensely!

Guatemala Sky Bar

Oregon BBQ