Happy Fall-o-ween

While September was the official start of Fall, with everything going on and the warmer than usual weather I didn’t quite feel the sentiment. Now however, with weeks of fog and rain on the forecast I was really in the mood to change it up and introduce some darker colors in my beauty routine.

Nars has been a brand that I’ve tried a few times (concealer/bronzer) but had yet to get a lip color. I heard about a new line, Audacious Lipsticks that had recently come out with some 90s dark red, bricky type colors that was right up my alley. The formula was also supposed to be creamy and long lasting which is always something I look for in a true lipstick. While in Selfridges I was able to swatch a few things, and decided to go with the darker Ingrid shade. It didn’t take long to make up my mind, but no matter, because it was already sold out. And I was told it was an exclusive line to Selfridges. Ehh… now I had to find it– In the states it was an exclusive to Barney’s but had also sold out there as well. After more searching to no avail, I called my local store anyways and snatched up the last one!

Here’s the look:



I am definitely pleased with this color and can see myself using this all year round. I’ve already tried application with a lip brush, which gives a more natural appearance (kind of like a lip stain) and also mixing this color on top of another lighter pink to get more of a berry shade. If you were really wanting to go for the deep dark red that it is in the tube, try applying a few layers (apply/blot/apply) and it should do the trick! No pun intended, Happy Halloween!