how to arrange a сulinary tourism tour

At first glance, it seems that making such a tour is a simple matter. Anyway, while traveling around cities and countries you stop to eat, try national cuisine and explore cafés. But not every uncontrolled gluttony is called gastronomic or culinary tourism. After all, the essence of it is not so much immersion in the world of total hedonism, as the study of a country or region through the prism of national cuisine, its traditions, and history. And all this requires not only a strong stomach and good metabolism, but also remarkable curiosity.

You definitely should have a short culinary vacation, if:

-Standard routes and impressions are already boring for you, and you want some unobvious impressions - for example, you can dine on a ferry boat in Denmark or hunt for truffles in Piedmont.

-Your every journey must have a purpose and a scenario.

-You are a restaurant owner or are planning to become and have to gain experience

Which tour to choose?

Depending on the purpose of a journey, you can derive a conditional classification:

-Restaurants. Some travelers are able to travel many thousands of kilometers to visit a special restaurant that has received a couple of Michelin stars, has some kind of original concept or is famous in another way. Such tours are usually the most expensive because the traveler pays for his meals in advance at all establishments. Restaurant voyages are suitable for business owners for getting inspiration, experience, and new ideas, as well as enthusiasts and gourmets.

-Specialties. Cooks and those who are interested in the authentic taste of products, their origin, and production, often go on tours, designed to study all these aspects. Often these tours have the prefix "agro" and include going to the countryside and farms.

-Cooking. It attracts almost everyone who likes to cook - after all, learning to make the right pasta is much more interesting in Italy, according to traditional family recipes and accompanied by melodic Italian speech.

The price of such pleasures

Indeed, any of these tours are not cheap. This is due to the fact that culinary activities almost never replace completely classical tourist routes. As a rule, any operator tries to combine walks to attractions and tastings, trips to production and master classes in one trip, only this way it is possible to achieve the full effect of immersion in the gastronomic culture of the country.

As a result, the final cost of the tour includes accommodation, guide escort, excursion program, and all dinners and training during the program. The operator almost never takes over the flight and visas - you pay for them separately.

How to arrange it yourself?

If you are not familiar with the culture of culinary tourism, you can try to take your first step into it on your own. For this, you simply have you choose the country you like, search for the interesting restaurants and food spots there and mark them on the map. Then think about the route to connect those destinations.

Visiting a food festival would be another great idea. And do not be scared to contact the locals, scroll through the chats and forums to get the real opinion of people.

After you have chosen the food spots, buy tickets, check the prices at restaurants to plan the budget and hide away the scales not to be shocked after you return.

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