You’re gone and I’ve got to stay
Please skate safe in the fast lane
I knew you never belonged
in this day or age
no sound mind caged,
never tamed, six feet higher
joined the twenty seven club rager
the music wanderer, singing song writer
the heart troubled heart stopper
island oregon trail blazer,
society’s lab rat with knuckle tatts
Vast departed party shots
wish I had been there,
Regrets spoken so grandiosely
over there, under the stairs
asleep in your seat,
veins collapsing
dancing overtly
slamming potent treats
beat delays those shrouded days
dealing darks new creature comfort
claim bail, felonies and jail
save the stolen date for later
I couldn’t save you if I supplied
treated child of broken ties
looks like you realized
too wild from turning dimes
that you were invincibly
Still going to die
smoke letters written anonymously
smile more speechlessly alone
Stoned Mary cries somemore,
no one could stop you this time
it ain’t easy to flee back home
turned up too fast forwarded
hazy dreams of normalcy
inject explicit talent
burning with every dose
sneak up close and trust no love
wish you had known
What you deserved
visit the diversions awaiting
arresting a clinic double date
doping for ghosts of dead poets
numbing the tortured soul
Afflicted reality purchased riddles
only led to depressed nerves
tears shed stored stashed
now sleeping so peacefully
oh so briefly- just want to know
who sold you that trash
that sly wasn’t a friend
it just makes me cringe
stuck in the traps hoping
cribs of shared stings
never caught last thought
you don’t have a clue
dreams gone, green tomb
People you may know
It just wouldn’t be right, you said
eternity will never redo