Japan Bucket List

I’ve been to Japan twice now, both times in the Spring which was a truly magical experience. I had been thinking about visiting for a long time so there were some major things we knew we’d see as we traveled and others that were further out and harder to get to that we’d attempt. The first time we purchased a three week JR Pass so we could get around the whole country for a lot cheaper than if we just booked tickets for each place separately. I’d highly recommend doing this as the system is very easy to navigate. Just make sure to book your tickets in advance so you can get the times and seats you’d like!

1. Fox Village

2.Cat Island

3.Mie – Wisteria Bridge

4. Real x Head Vinyl Toy Shop (Tokyo)

5. Okinawa

6. Tokyo Lamborghinis

7. Rainbow Cafe

8. Kakigoori (Shave ice in summer months – usually May – Sept)

9. Bunny Island

10.Vintage Qoo

11.Hitachi Seaside Park

12. Ueno Park for Hanami

13.Forest of Owl Cafe

14. Tsukiji Fish Market

15. Harajuku

16. Hiroshima

17. Bring Okaasan for a visit!

18. Tokyo Disney Sea

19. Tokyo Disneyland

20. Totoro Cafe!