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London Revisited

A little too excited to be back in the English speaking country with a few less cultural differences. This time we had our picks, places that we knew we must see and goods to eat that we didn’t quite make it to last time– Plus, how could we not make one more visit to Boroughs… (SOOO much food, so little time), there was also Covent Garden/Neal’s Yard, Tower Bridge, Harrod’s Food Halls/Selfridges, and the Science Museum! There never seems to be enough time in such a large city, and there are so many things left to see. Still did not make it north to Camden or the Zoo, even Kew Gardens to name a few. I’m glad to know I’m not alone though, as stated by my host mom on my first experience in London. She said, “I’ve lived here my entire life, go out to new places every week, and explore with my friends yet have not found the ends of this city.”






Tons of photos, here are some from my recent trip in London: