London Fall ’14

The first stop on our trip and the place I called home eight (EIGHT?!) years ago– I wanted to show my mom the bustling, never ending city that I fell in love with. That is, after a total of 12 hours sleep! I blame the most luxurious bed at the Premier Inn– would’ve taken that home as my souvenir had it been possible.


One of our first stops, and one we would return to many times was Boroughs Market. It was just a quick stop away from our hotel and always offered more than we could possibly decide on– whatever our mood was that day. Delectable scents wafting over the twists and turns made the struggle for this foodie a real one. The options included: fresh blended juices of all kinds, fruits/veggies I had never seen before, vegetarian, German, Indian, Spanish, Chinese, English, bread bakeries, cookies, honeys, and chocolatiers … so we were in food heaven.

On our first few days we decided to walk around museums, Hyde Park, check out Buckingham, Westminster + Big Ben, go to Notting Hill and basically more sightseeing activities since we didn’t want to bog down our carry ons until necessary! We’ll be back to London before heading home so we can stock up on goodies then!


Zebra burgers, anyone?




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