Art Event

Monster Drawing Rally

Portland Art Museum held this event tonight, free to the public–
75 artists total, at 6 – 7 – 8 pm would draw for an hour.
Finished pieces sold for just $35 to support the PAM!
As soon as the art was put up anyone could buy it,
if two people wanted the same painting they would have to draw straws.


Family friendly! Art, drinks, and DJs — nice that it wasn’t 90ยบ today—


Excited to see Tripper Dungan as I walked around the first corner!
I love his 3d paintings, and had always wanted to commission him for something…
big piece… probably a dancing block of tofu eating a double decker ice cream with googly eyes
drenched in hot sauce playing the piano… I don’t know. The start of his drawing looked epic—


Pretty sure I’ve ogled her illustrations online, so great in person.
I like that she seemed to be using her hour to work on one bigger piece!


I’m not sure what it is, but I always see these fluffy guys.
Or maybe their owners only buy them in pairs,
so far I’ve gotten pics of them in San Francisco,
our state capital, and now Portland… Same red leash as well!


APAK … his kiddos next to him doing some art as well ๐Ÿ™‚
Would have LOVEDDDDDDDDDDDD to stay longer to watch the magic, and even try for it!
There were too many pieces I would’ve loved to acquire, ahhhh restraint!

Check out their work: http://apakstudio.com/apak/


AHHHHHH Bwana Spoons (aka @bananapoons on IG) and Kinoko Evans to his left!
Could hardly contain my excitement I felt like I was seeing Bob Ross in the flesh!
It was probably 5 years ago that I almost bought a Bwana piece,
being the starving artist that I was, despite already collecting art
I had to make the toughie decision to pass. Again, mesmerizing to watch
these guys free paint and see exactly what mediums and brand products they use.
This specific piece that Bwana was working on was gone before I even saw it posted,
thankfully it wasn’t over for me yet.


This little piece Alex was working on looked so rad!
I say this because the monster was holding pizza…
Took one of his mini comic books so I could look up his artwork later!


Some completed works waiting for good homes!


Waited patiently for some of the artists to finish.
The pieces were quickly whisked away and put up on one of two sides.
With some good timing I made my way through the crowd and scored exactly what I wanted!
Still can’t believe it! Check out @tripperd and #MonsterDrawingRally on IG to see more great stuff!