Moon Cakes

Modern Mooncake Class

I’ve been search for these mooncakes from Starbucks after I saw someone on Youtube eating them! They had an array of flavors that sounded amazing and I had heard that certain cities in the US might have them, but alas it’s limited to Hong Kong and Macau… possibly Taiwan? Last time I was over in Asia it was November and a bit too late to get these limited edition mooncakes. I am super curious how they taste, and reallllllllly want the vanilla custard or chocolate mochi one!! Traditionally they do have a salted egg in the middle which is really interesting – I might just have to find a recipe —

It’s a traditional Chinese dessert that they make for the mid-autumn festivals around this time of the year! They can have a red bean filling (azuki bean I believe) with a salted egg yolk in the middle. Other fillings (Cantonese style) could be lotus seed paste, black sesame, mixed nuts, or mung bean paste.