New Seasons

Every time I head into these places I can’t help but stare (and poke) all the different cheeses I’ve never had the pleasure of trying. (The allergy stops me from going too crazy, awww shucks. #aznmafia) Soft bries, oozing inside their plastic wrap or the variety of spotted molded blue cheese, goats milk with peppers and garlic versions… I digress. There are local delicacies and classics that have yet to be explored. This trip I dove into two more, just by what sounded good because I couldn’t remember exactly what I got last time, except that it had a purplish wine rind. Hey, that rhymed. Hey, that also rhymed. Hey,


The Players:

~1 Seeded Baguette (or whatever bread you prefer)

~Dalmatia Fig Spread Croatia (about .3 lbs, these are usually sold at local grocers in small glass bottles for a more affordable price)

~Champignon Cambozola [Cheese] Germany

~Rogue Oregonzola [Cheese] Central Point OR

The Oregonzola was described as a mix of Camembert and Gogonzola with a light blue in it. While I appreciate blue cheese, I don’t always want the bite that is associated with the typically crumbly cheese. This, however was perfect. By itself and paired with the fig spread. Absolutely perfect.



Annnnnd, tis the season. Egg nog and chocolate milk.
Yep, but this is a rich, thick chocolate milk that is truly addicting. Beware! Allergic… and it was worth it!