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Oregon Bridal Expo

A weekend spent further south, helping out Vien in her VOUTURE booth at the wedding expo [Jan 24/25th]!
I’ve gone to a few of these events, some pretending to be engaged, grabbing fistfulls of cake samples and dinner entrees while critiquing all the dresses I did not like in the fashion show. I’ve never wanted a typical wedding, white satin dress, or cake feeding if I ever do tie the knot. It simply doesn’t feel like me. If I could describe what I would imagine as the “perfect day” it revolves more around the feel, relaxed mingling, groups of people all getting along, eating good food, lots of lights everywhere when sun goes down, an epic food fight // I thoroughly enjoy the experience of attending weddings — whether they be in a church or grassy field. Seeing how the individuals choose to express themselves on their big day, always a good time. Working the expo sales floor I found the atmosphere completely awesome as well. The excitement and (dare I say– love?!) was fun to watch and be a part of. Most brides came with mom and a friend, a few with just the groom, and others with the whole family. This time I was selling the services of my friends’ ability to create anything you dream up for your big day.


Check out more of her amazing custom designs ~

Website: VoutureDesignerStudio.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/voutureboutique
Instagram: VienVouture
Email: t o v i e n i d @yahoo.com

After the first day, we headed home for a real nice Saturday night! Home cooked meal– Vietnamese soaps– and magic tricks!




This above is called Bánh bò — (aka cow/crawl cake) although Vien wasn’t sure how it got this name. A little research tells that the origin refers to a cow because the cakes shape originally resembled a cow’s udder. The crawling refers to when the steamed cake rises and in completion “crawls” up the bowl— I am always mezmerized by food that is bright white… as was this. I assumed from looking at it that the warm coconut dipping sauce would be sweet, and the rice “cake” savory. Surprisingly it was the exact opposite. Delicious and hard to stop eating. The cake is airy, chewy and slightly sweet with its own light coconut flavor (also sprinkled with some toasted sesame seeds).

The Vietnamese yogurt {top pic} was great as well. Couldn’t figure out what made this version better than anything in the American supermarkets, but I noticed it has condensed milk in it. B-i-n-g-o! (Usually the answer to everything: WHY IS THIS OATMEAL SO GOOD? Condensed milk. WHAT’S THE SECRET IN THIS FROSTING? Condensed milk. WHY IS THIS MILK SPECIAL? Condensed.) We happened to be snacking on a sesame Chinese pretzel and the combination of crunchy with the creamy… Vien thought I was crazy for mixing the two, but you really have to try it!

Picture 2



This vietnamese spicy noodle dish is called Bún bò Huế!

Bun = Noodle
Bo = Beef
Hue = Hue City

Chock full of things: beef broth/lemongrass/fish sauce/chili oil/ squash chunks, noodles/banana flowers, green onion/cilantro, basil/mint, pork cake, slices of beef, (I also added some huge dollops of the “super hot” fresh chili and squeezed lime over it all. This chili made all the difference for me, although it wasn’t too spicy. I did notice a few times that my throat got dry and had that itch of something stuck in it, probably a chili pepper seed, and then I thought I was going to die because I had forgotten to grab my water at the table. I pulled through like a champ and quietly blew my nose, wiped away some tears and dove in for more.

After dinner we watched some Indian/Vietnamese soap operas (Vien translated), looked through all the photos/videos I’d taken at the Expo while I had my legs in a massage machine for a couple hours [all day in heels!] Andrew provided some awesome magic entertainment — and finally, although still stuffed from dinner, had some fried banana, slice of fruit tart, and coconut rice paper for dessert. The decibel levels were high, at least 4 groups of people in separate and excited conversations. Vietnamese flying around, I had no idea what was being said or discussed but it was the perfect family picture and I was thankful to be a part of it.