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The night was young.
So young it wasn’t even night.

First stop, little Russia, aka


This was my first meal of the day right here, breakfast of champs:

Moscow Mule
vodka, ginger beer, lime
Mmmmmm…. Pretty much love lime in any beverage and prefer drinks not be super sweet.
Classic. I downed this one real fast. Prefaced by, “It’s my birthday… *insert insane claims for the night*”

Baba Yaga
chamomile vodka, liquore strega, lemon
I don’t know much Russian, but I do remember Baba meaning grandma! Guessing the chamomile vodka would do the trick. Surprisingly strong but I wouldn’t expect anything less from a Russian g-ma… Also downed in quick succession.

“Herring under a fur coat”
Russian 7 layer salad: eggs mayo beets carrots onions herring potatoes
Layer after colorful layer blanketed together, each part richer than the next.
Altogether creamy and luscious textures. Best shared.

Tvorog Vareniki
Dumplings: Scallions & farmer’s cheese
Pillowy dumplings sliding in a cream sauce, filled to perfection with farmer’s cheese and topped with scallions.
Can’t get enough. Although I admittedly, love any kind of filled dough:
ravioli/tortellini/gyoza/dim sum/won ton/shu mai/manapua/gnocchi*/spaetzle* ! These were fun to eat. Hard to share. Haha.

*Or just dough…

“Smoking Kills” Drink vodka.

2nd stop:




Giant Steps
Rum, Bonal, Strawberry brine [aka li hing mui juice!?], bitters, cube
Mesmerized by that cube. This drink ain’t for the kids. The strawberry brine alone reminded me of something from home, totally a salted plummy pull on your tongue, combined with the rest (love bitters) (love rum), very palatable. Bonal I learned: French, mixed drink on its own– a reddish wildflower sweet wine of sorts. First time for everything, even at this age.

Vermouth [Flight of 3 ?!]
Excellence. Light, floral. I really hadn’t given Vermouth a fair shake.
I knew my mom used it in some cooking (although that was probably dry vermouth), and from the smells I recall it wasn’t something that seemed… drinkable.
This however, was lovely.

Dessert aka Crack Cookies:
Warm chocolate chip & B-A-C-O-N butter cookies w/ caramel sauce
Literal crack rocks. Went well with the Vermouth. At least my tipsy brain thought so.



Technically we made a pit stop to say hi to some Golden Girls at Proper Salon — pretty rad. Right across the street! Thankfully this was before things got too cray…


(In my shallow recollection of the hour or so prior, this looked exactly like the moscow mule from Kachka, same cup, 2 black straws, drink color… therefore I did not take a picture {technically unable to take a picture at that point} KEEP IN MIND, my state of mind. HAHA. Didn’t want to break the new camera.)

+ green/red salsa
These were delicious. I know they were although it’s hard to pinpoint or recall differences. I might’ve had a bite of each. I might’ve eaten all of one. Who knows. The salsa was also good, not spicy or hot in any way (nothing is for my tongue), but absolutely great to drown tacos in.

It is now 6:30 pm

The sun has not even set yet.

Things blur a little during this stop… aka I remember being in the restaurant but not-quite-sure-how-I-got-there.


Kids sitting next to me.


Dropping stuff under my seat.


Good times, would love to go back… maybe stay out later next time 😉
Sorry to all my friends who got couch selfies.