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Drove to a part of Portland that really felt as if I had crossed over into SF somehow. I kept forgetting where I was, and I definitely don’t remember ever being there before. That’s a great feeling, going down a road never traveled. It was a beautiful, sun-shiny day but being near the Willamette made the air extra fresh and crisp… also reminiscent of SF. Wind whipping my hair into tangles. Chill in my lungs. Weather like this makes me feel like I can run for miles without stopping. Silly but true. Thankfully I only had to jog a little bit after the spontaneous exploration, up to the Dragon Tree Holistic Spa where I had my spa day planned out.



I’ve only had a “professional” massage once, and I will not even name where that was because from what I was told some of the things performed on me there were illegal.

Yes, that’s right.

Against the law!

Haha. This is just my luck. Anyways– walking in, the spa was half lit, the sound of a fountain running and light background mood music playing. I was led to the sauna area where I was given a locker, (appropriately labeled: Bliss) — Wasn’t really told what to do with the things in the locker. Do I shower first? After? Do you wear anything under the robe? Sauna? Oh well! I changed into the nude colored robe 10 sizes too big for me and sandals also many sizes too big for my feet. Stumbled around sipping my infused water and waiting on some plush pillows near the water fountain. I noticed some kind of steampunk looking cereal dispensing contraption but I decided not to indulge. Imagine that.


From there was led into another interesting room, this one containing 70s-ish purple couches on raised platforms all around the walls. The ceilings were very high and strung across the faux ceiling were hanging planters with vines outstretched from corner to corner. After jumping up and struggling in all the oversized things I was wearing I saw some kind of hot pack waiting there for me; so I draped that around my neck.



SO hot.

Put it on my lap. Then back onto the couch. A girl appeared to explain what would be happening next. She was preparing my honey bath. Awhile later she wheeled in a huge copper bowl with steamy water and black rocks sitting at the bottom. Foot soak for awhile. Then she would dump ice cold water on my tootsies. After that, back into the hot water. Good for circulation. After the cold dunk I couldn’t even feel my feet. That was interesting. She toweled and sprayed my feet with some kind of lemongrass moisturizing spray. I might’ve made that up. I had no idea what was going on. Not used to that kind of pampering!


Next up: Hand and back/neck/head massage! Performed by two people at the same time.
… Just amazing. Probably the best idea. Ever. Then a paraffin wax treatment on the hands, while concurrently getting a foot massage. After the wax had set for 20 minutes the bags were slid off in one quick motion, leaving them babies bottom silky smooth.

After that: 1 hour Full body Swedish massage. Laying on the massage table itself nearly put me to sleep. The working of my muscles… blissful. She asked me some questions mid way through, I think it was simply “I need you to turn over now” and I was really confused. That’s how asleep I was! She told me to take my time getting up. Of course after she left the room I jumped up quickly and regretted it instantly.

Went back to the sauna area to enjoy the heat a bit and then shower off all the oils. The place was stocked with everything you could possibly need or want. Shampoo. Conditioner. Body soaps. Deodorant. Hair spray. Moroccan oils. Lotions. Body sprays. Perfumes. Straighteners. Hair Dryers. I wanted to live there for the cool ceiling shower alone! Alas, I had to walk out of the doors and get blinded by the sunlight but this was just the first stop on my birthday ride.