Packing Up

Going to be traveling for awhile and using just a backpack to hold everything.
Daunting, DAUNTING task to figure out how to pack.
The longest I’ve been away internationally has been about 4 months,
in which I had a rolly duffle bag in camo print and one suitcase (or was it two?)
Pretty sure it was just one. Heehee.

Here is the list for my backpack so far:


1. Denim skinny Joe’s jeans
2. Black TopShop knee rip skinny jeans
3. Black leggings
4. Bathing suit
5. Underwear (x7)
6. Socks (x3)
7. L/S Black Smartwool top
8. Marmot jacket
9. Accessories/Sunglasses
10. UV Protective Hat
11. Denim shorts
12. Camisole
13. Bra/Sports Bra for exercise
14. Tops x3


1. Camera (Canon SD 120)
2. Chargers
3. SD Cards
4. External USB charger (2-day)
5. Universal Adapter
6. Bose headphones
7. Iphone/charger


1. Bar body soap
2. Shampoo 3ml
3. Clinique Mild face soap bar
4. Makeup
5. Bath scrubby
6. First Aid kit
7. Hair ties
8. Toothbrush/toothpaste
9. Floss/mouthwash
10. Q-tips
11. Lotion/Aquaphor
12. Deodorant
13. Shower cap
14. Chapstick


1. Notebook/watercolors/pen/pencil
2. Deck of cards
3. Duct tape
5. Mini sewing kit
6. Day bag (purse for me)
7. Shammy towel

I will go into specifics about which backpacks I am trying out for my petite frame
and what products I am specifically using on my YouTube channel. Coming soon!

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