2012. Time to start finishing some of these pieces that I have lying around!!

–Already completed 1 piece, 5 in the works :-O Yay for productivity.
–Finished a book. haha.
–Purchased Digital Piano (for now!)
–Learning some Jazz Music, finally.. this should be interesting
–Start work on gallery wrapped canvas (woo no more framing)

Now for a SHOW sometime soon! Wheeeeee.Picture 1-1

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ZAnpOn – so much going on in each sq. inch, just enough abstraction

David Choe – keeps it real, with his “dirty” style

Alex Pardee – oh the details
Francoise Nielly – love the palette and use of color in general
Keith Haring – inspires me to do what I do best
Mark Ryden – for the dreamys

Takashi Murakami
Aya Kato
Bwana Spoons
London Police
Jan van Eyck

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WEB_SYSsplash_080309_v3_WEB_03 WEB_SYSsplash_080309_v3_WEB_09

TOMS event went well! FIVE straight hours of painting with a tiny brush… wow. hand. cramp. arm. hurts. back too. didn’t-even-feel like wOrk. so worth it!

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