In my sick downtime….


…been watching a lot of different things on Netflix while I’ve been stuck on the couch recovering. These were the best of the bunch.


Circus: Documentary on the lives of those who live and work in the Big Apple Circus, from construction crew to entertainers they all reside in close quarters which makes for a semi dysfunctional family like environment. Those who have circus in their “blood” and those who don’t. Their reasons for joining the circus as diverse as the group itself.
Kings of Pastry: Another docu. These men are all competing for the prestigious “masters” of France title in pastry.

Thumbs Up: Artist David Choe and sidekick Harry Kim hitchhike across America, trying to get as many different rides as possible and leave their mark (graffiti) everywhere they go.

Paul McCartney Really is Dead: Preposterous yet still worth watching. It was creepy and funny at the same time, who was on acid when they concocted that story?!… but don’t let me ruin it for you 🙂

MARS ATTACK! — what else can I say? Classic.

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Commission #1



A gift from my friend to her mom, for her birthday– Pictured here at about 22 years old. A challenging and fun piece, I was working with a picture smaller than 2″x3″ in very badly damaged condition. I restored the picture myself with photoshop just to have a better reference photo, then the real work began! Pictured above at almost complete.

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It’s been awhile!

Things got quite hectic in December so my blogs’ been a bit left out as of recent.
Updates– My first solo show, “Can’t Read the Air” went swimmingly! I sold a few pieces (pictured below) and had a lot of fun talking to everyone who showed up. Trying to complete everything in time as well as working retail holiday hours really took a lot out of me so I decided to take a break from everything and visit home for a bit! I got to revert to a much slower pace of life and really think about the things that were important to me.


Also, I found this oval canvas at home that I had started to draw on. Rather than continue something I had long forgotten I decided to experiment with my calligraphy inks. I covered the whole thing and let it dry to where it was tacky. I then washed off certain parts and let it dry. The effect was perfect and I transformed it into this:



“The Wave”


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Try this



I should try this with all my pieces. I put the canvas up against the sliding glass door and this is what it looks like with the sun shining through. Kind of trippy.

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